The importance of lighting in a commercial space

Lighting is more than just a practical consideration in a commercial space. It can increase the saleability of products and encourage a more user-friendly experience for all customers.

You should consider the type of lighting you use in your commercial space carefully to make sure it has optimal impact.

Understanding how lighting affects mood and behaviour can help to boost sales and improve the overall customer experience.

Levels of lighting

Lighting is too often taken for granted during commercial fitouts, which can have an adverse effect on retail premises if not used effectively.

The most suitable lighting for your shop, restaurant or other commercial space should be informed by its function as well as the atmosphere and feelings you want to promote in customers.

Commercial lighting may incorporate multiple levels of lighting, from general and ambient lighting to task lighting highlighting products and information.

Lighting and function

In strictly practical terms, you need to make sure your commercial space is sufficiently illuminated for safety.

Bright, uniform lighting is well suited to high traffic environments such as supermarkets, while even premises that employ lower levels of lighting for atmosphere, such as restaurants, need to provide enough illumination for customers to read menus without experiencing eye strain.

You can lower your electricity bills and your store’s impact on the environment by opting for energy saving lighting options rather than high-wattage bulbs.

Colorful Bright Clothes On Shelves And Hanger In Store Of Shoppi

Psychological impact

Lighting can make or break the success of any commercial space, so it’s recommended that business owners analyse other companies for inspiration or to avoid making the same mistakes.

Strong overhead lighting has associations with budget prices and basic products, which will give the wrong impression in high-end commercial spaces such as jewellery shops and boutiques, where less oppressive task lighting creates a more intimate atmosphere.

You can also use lighting to your advantage in directing customers where you want them to go, as research has demonstrated that people tend to follow the brightest paths.

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