2019 – WHAT A YEAR!

18 December 2019

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14 November 2019

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No Room? How to create the illusion of space in a small shop fitout

24 October 2019

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What’s in store? 3 must-haves in a 2019 retail fitout

3 October 2019

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Breakout Spaces That Will Keep Your Staff Happy

12 September 2019

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Perfect Practice - Four Fitout Considerations For The Healthcare Industry

20 August 2019

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Keep ahead of the demands of the modern workforce

8 August 2019

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Connecting your restaurant or cafe to the community

11 July 2019

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The AC Fitouts Difference

27 June 2019

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Next level impact walls for Office, Shop and Medical Fitouts

13 June 2019

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Watch this space: 5 office fitout trends in 2019

30 May 2019

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Let's Talk About Paint - Which one is Best?

9 May 2019

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Key considerations for your beauty or hair salon design

11 April 2019

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10 Designer's Ideas for Re-Inventing the Warehouse

7 March 2019

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What can a Fitout Builder do for You? Ask some questions up front.

7 February 2019

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Done a brand refresh? Cost effective ways to get your new look

10 January 2019

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We want to say 'Thank You' this Christmas

13 December 2018

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Go Green in 2018: Transform your fitout into a sustainable space

8 November 2018

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10 Useful Things to Know About Lighting a Commercial Setting – Part 2

11 October 2018

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10 Useful Things to Know About Lighting a Commercial Setting – Part 1

13 September 2018

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Why are some Companies Un-Installing their Open Plan Office?

9 August 2018

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Make the change to a Hands Free Commercial Bathroom.

2 August 2018

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Supergraphics Offer Appeal in Medical Centre Spaces

26 July 2018

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19 July 2018

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Why a New Business Fitout? Commonly Asked Questions Answered

12 July 2018

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Boost Neutral Colour Schemes for Aged Care

5 July 2018

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28 June 2018

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21 June 2018

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14 June 2018

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7 June 2018

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Get Noticed - Be a Standout Small Business

31 May 2018

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24 May 2018

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17 May 2018

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Take 10 Steps Towards an Organised Commercial Renovation or Refit

10 May 2018

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3 May 2018

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Making the Retail Store More Family Friendly

26 April 2018

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Simple Solutions for when Natural Light is in Short Supply

19 April 2018

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The Retail Shopfront on the Street: What to Consider

12 April 2018

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5 April 2018

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6 Good Reasons to Use Artwork in the Workplace

29 March 2018

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Give Wall Surfaces an Authentic Finish with Clever “Effects” Paints

22 March 2018

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The Modern Office Kitchen - It's now a Focal Point.

15 March 2018

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Meeting Pods – A Great Innovation for Managing Office Noise

8 March 2018

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Business Owners’ Tips for Your First Budget Fitout

1 March 2018

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Medical/Dental Practice Start Ups – 12 Questions to Begin:

22 February 2018

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Great Ideas to Make Indoor Public Seating Work

15 February 2018

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Personalising the Shopping Experience for Smaller Retailers – a Great Strategy

8 February 2018

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5 Reasons Why You Should Use Quality Commercial Shopfitters

1 February 2018

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20 Questions to Help Set some Blue Sky Plans & Goals for 2018

25 January 2018

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"Housekeeping Tips" for a Business Tidy Up before the Christmas Holidays

21 December 2017

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Christmas Theme Ideas can Energise a Retail, Office or Cafe Space

14 December 2017

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10 Common Questions to Ask Your Fitout Builder Before Starting Out

7 December 2017

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These 2 Common Materials can Give Impact to your Ceilings

30 November 2017

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Every Workplace Needs a Breakout Zone - It's Simple

23 November 2017

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Taking Over Someone Else’s Office Fitout – 6 Hints to Help the Budget

16 November 2017

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Getting it Right when it comes to the Shop Counter

9 November 2017

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Choosing Café Tables and Seating? Turn Confusing into Simple

2 November 2017

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Getting customers to recognise your brand: What’s Important about it?

26 October 2017

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Keep the Business Running during Renovation - 7 Useful Hints

19 October 2017

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Keeping Shoppers Interested – 6 Basics for Physical Retail Stores

12 October 2017

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A Scandinavian Style Fitout - Designer's Tips for Creating the Look

4 October 2017

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Ready to hop on the Swings and Roundabouts of Being an Entrepreneur?

28 September 2017

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Growing a Laneway Café/Bar Culture– 10 Reasons to take up the Opportunity

21 September 2017

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8 "Look Good" Wallpaper Styles for Commercial Spaces

14 September 2017

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4 Good Reasons to use Wallpapers on Feature Walls in Commercial Fitouts

7 September 2017

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8 New Ideas to Transform our Learning Spaces

31 August 2017

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5 Ideas in Medical Practice Fitouts which Speak Volumes

24 August 2017

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Pay Attention to the Big 3 Players in a Commercial Fitout

17 August 2017

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Move that old product before it hurts the bottom line.

10 August 2017

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Follow the Steps which make Customers Decide to Buy

3 August 2017

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4 Ways to Create Warmth in a Commercial Space

27 July 2017

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Restaurant and Café Signage – 5 Useful Pointers

20 July 2017

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6 “ Need to Know” Steps on using Recycled Materials in a Fitout.

13 July 2017

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Structural Plywood – Versatile, Strong and Sustainable

6 July 2017

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Let’s Throw some Light on Hair Salons: Here's 7 Top Tips.

29 June 2017

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Keeping Travellers Interested – Airport Retailers tell of the Challenges

22 June 2017

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Vintage Style stands out and looks cool again. People have their say.

15 June 2017

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Concrete Floors – No Longer a Cover Up in Today’s Commercial Fitouts

8 June 2017

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Do I have the right Plans & Approvals for my Food Licence?

1 June 2017

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Time to Update and Move Your Office – 10 Useful Tips.

25 May 2017

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Create a Country Retail Fitout Style that speaks the Brand

18 May 2017

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Campus Food & Drink Outlets – Tips to Improve Quality and Go Greener

11 May 2017

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Letting in Light Lifts our Mood - New + Clever Ways

4 May 2017

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We need to cater for Mental Health in our Health Care Fitouts

27 April 2017

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Medical Fitouts Focusing on Children as Patients: 6 Design Ideas

20 April 2017

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5 Egg-citing Ways Social Media can help Promote your Business Brand

12 April 2017

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5 Ways for Retail Food Stores to be Connected

6 April 2017

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The Demolition Stage in a Fitout – Things to Know.

30 March 2017

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6 Things Retailers Tell us about Self Service.

23 March 2017

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Gain Extra Space with a Mezzanine – 5 things to know

16 March 2017

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Make your Shopfront Window & Merchandising Displays Work - 6 Tips

9 March 2017

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Are Benches up to Standard in Your Food Prep Fitout?

2 March 2017

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Renting or Buying your own Business Space? Here's 7 Pros and Cons

23 February 2017

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Cafe Back of House & Work Flow - Don't Ignore Them

16 February 2017

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4 Reasons to use Living Walls in Cafe & Restaurant Fitouts

9 February 2017

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Update your Medical Practice to meet the Millennials

2 February 2017

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5 “Must Haves” for setting up a Bricks and Mortar Retail Space.

27 January 2017

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Time to set some 2017 Goals for a New Start to the Year

19 January 2017

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Holidays are good for your Business

22 December 2016

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Working Under the Christmas Tree

15 December 2016

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Airport Retail - Primed to Take it On?

8 December 2016

It's almost holiday time. Airports are about to be set upon by hoards of leisure travellers.

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The Open Kitchen - A Successful Setup

1 December 2016

Food cooked and prepared right in front of customers can be a great attraction

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6 Things to Know about the "Street Food" Scene for Commercial Fitouts.

27 November 2016

Everyone's heard now of "street food" which, in the Australian 'burbs isn't necessarily referring to an outdoor market food stall, a greasy burger van or sausage sizzle.

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Time to pick up the pace on retail foot traffic before Christmas

24 November 2016

Getting potential customers past your bricks and mortar shopfront is still the priority for most business owners

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Coworking Office Space is Booming

17 November 2016

Coworking office space - superfluous office space is being repurposed for it. Large floor areas are being broken up to cater for it.

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8 Tips Café Owners Recommend to Beginners

10 November 2016

The benefit of hindsight is a great thing. Taking advice from another's voice of experience is also not a bad idea - most times.

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Ready to do the Heavy Lifting in your start- up? A Quiz.

5 November 2016

Whether you're thinking of becoming a "mumpreneur" , "youngpreneur" or just an "entrepreneur" then here's a quick quiz to test whether you're up to it or not.

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5 Types of Screens to Separate Spaces in your Fitout

3 November 2016

Ever thought about using screens rather than solid walls to separate spaces in a commercial fitout?
They're a very clever tool and can be used to great effect.

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5 Ways to Save Costs & still Create Impact in an Office Fitout

26 October 2016

Office re-location or refurbishment is not without its costs,
but there are ways of limiting those expenses by using some clever and creative ideas to reach maximum impact.

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What makes a Successful Commercial Fitout? Some Designer's Tips

20 October 2016

Creating a commercial fitout for your customer base takes some careful thought and planning. It's all about engaging the customer and conveying the personality of the business brand.

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Medical & Dental Surgery Renovation - 5 Chances to Benefit from a New Fitout

16 October 2016

Medical & Dental Practitioners often put renovating their surgeries and consulting rooms in the too hard basket because it seems annoyingly disruptive or just plain hard!
It actually needn’t be if the fitout process is well handled by a quality fitout team.

The benefits of updating outdated medical or dental rooms far outweigh a few weeks of disruption. Generally the practice can still operate during a renovation.
A good fitout specialist knows how this can be done.
Patient response will immediately tell you that it’s been a good move.
Here are 5 benefits that a new medical or dental fitout can give.

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6 Questions Shopfitters might ask when You're Talking "Refurb" or "Fitout"

13 October 2016

It's time to refurbish or move to a new business premises and fit it out. Call in the builders.

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A Sign says so Much about Your Business.

6 October 2016

Good signage gives a reason why customers are looking at your business services or products.

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A Material Made to Last in a Commercial Fitout

2 October 2016

Solid Surface - Made to Last in a Fitout

Ever heard of a material you can use for countertops, benchtops, form into a basin or sink or feature as wall panels,
that won’t scratch or stain, has no visible joins, needs absolutely minimal maintenance and will last in a commercial
You may have, but don’t recognise it.

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5 Designer Ideas for Using Greens in Commercial Fitouts

29 September 2016

There are so many greens to choose from when you're looking to create a new scheme for a commercial fitout.

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5 Tips to make your Retail Counter really Work

29 September 2016

There are heaps of ways to improve a retail space, but one of the most important areas is the Point of Sale counter zone. Even if the budget doesn't stretch too far to refurbish or renovate, making sure the point of sale works to its utmost is key to business success.

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8 Ways to Bring a Spring to Your Business

15 September 2016

It's September and it's Spring! Time for the business & workplace to have a freshen up.

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5 Ways to Save on a Retail and Hospitality Fitout

9 September 2016

A retail or hospitality space, if well designed and built, is really an extension of the business brand.

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5 Ways to Create a Healthy Cafe or Retail Shop

3 September 2016

Most of us are becoming more aware of good health to keep the mind, body and spirit in top condition.

So if you're a healthwise café or restaurant owner or a retailer, you could be looking to create new touch points to keep your customers engaged.

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5 'Must Do's" to get your Retail Business ahead with Instagram

1 September 2016

Who would have thought that Facebook and Twitter are fading in the face of Instagram? Instagram is now an incredibly useful tool for retail businesses to self-promote.

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Do I need an Electrical Plan for my Commercial Fitout?

29 August 2016

In any Commercial refurbishment, there are very specific needs when it comes to electrical matters.
It is vital to plan for them early in the process so that your fitout builder knows in advance, how to run wiring through walls
and ceilings and will be aware of any upgrades to the current power board.
In your workspace, shop, surgery or cafe, there may be special equipment necessary for you to run your business.

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Let's Focus on Medical Examination Rooms

25 August 2016

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8 Things To Avoid in Retail Shop Fitout

20 August 2016

In previous posts we've talked about what Good Things to do in Shopfit and Retail Design.
In the next couple of weeks, we'll look at some Things to Avoid.

We're talking layout, walls, floors and ceilings this week.
So, here's our list of 8 things to stay away from.

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Easy Colour Rules to Follow in Your New Fitout

15 August 2016

Having trouble deciding on a Colour Scheme for your Fitout?

If you are planning new colours for your shop, office, surgery, café or showroom renovation, then we’ve got it
covered! And coloured!

Trust us, stick to a few basic rules and you can’t go wrong. They are tried and true rules used by many professionals
including fitout builders over a long period of time.

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8 Great Ideas for delivering quality Student Accommodation

13 August 2016

Where you live plays an important role in determining your overall happiness and academic success.
So, what can providers do to achieve the best living spaces for students?

Here's 8 great ideas for delivering quality Student Accommodation.

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Retail Fitouts at Airports - Here's 5 Gems of Wisdom

12 August 2016

Get On Board!

Setting up a Retail outlet in an Airport Terminal is a little different from one in a Shopping Centre or a Shopping Strip.
There are similarities but definite differences.
If the opportunity arises to take up an airport lease, consider these 5 gems of wisdom before you undertake your commercial shop fitout.

We think they're worth passing on, after having completed retail fitouts in an airport setting and having knowledge of shopper behaviour.

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New Healthcare & Living Ideas for the Ageing

11 August 2016

We hear all the time that Australia has an ageing population. Constantly we need to develop new ideas to care for a large part of our community.

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Convenience Store Fitout - A Shopfitter's Ideas List

6 August 2016

Convenience Store retailing is a very special part of Commercial Fitout.
And the word "Convenience" has its own underlying vocabulary in the Fitout world.

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What Others Can Teach Us About Business

30 July 2016

All of our Commercial Fitout Clients are in business.

Whether you have a retail shop, own a café, bar or restaurant, run a medical practice or a commercial office, the road to running a business is much the same.
There's always plenty to learn from movers and shakers, past and present, so this week, we've collected some gems of wisdom from people who should know.

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How to create that point of difference in your Product

26 July 2016

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Mens Fashion Retail Store Fitout - Designer's Ideas

21 July 2016

Men's fashion stores are growing in number and popularity. Recent studies have shown that 75% of men now view shopping as a leisure activity.

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18 July 2016

A couple of weeks back we spoke about reading the Fitout Manual.

One of the conditions you’ll find in it and in almost all leasing arrangements for that matter, is having to “make good” at the end of your lease after you move out.

So, let’s talk about protecting yourself from any future unexpected costs and possible blame game tactics by doing something very simple before you sign up your lease, move in and start operating your business.

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Going, Going, Gone! Make Way for a New Generation of Medical Fitout

16 July 2016

Soon a fresh generation of new Millennials will be heading up our medical facilities.
A generation who've been introduced to technology in the cradle.
So how different are these medical fitouts going to be, run by a younger band of professionals?

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5 Top Table Top Options for Restaurants, Cafes & Bars

14 July 2016

So many options for choosing furniture for a hospitality fitout! Budget, Look, Practicality, Longevity are always on the list.

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Want to Open a Cafe? 10 Things to Know

11 July 2016

It’s the dream of a lot of our clients to start up their own little café or restaurant, being their own boss, and serving food that everyone loves and keeps returning for.

But where to start?
Here are 10 gems of wisdom to think about before you start up…..

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Driving Your Business Through the Roadblocks

9 July 2016

Map out a Path to keep your Business on Track
Who hasn't had a rough day at the office, retail business, cafe or medical practice?
Most of us would own up on at least one occasion to going home at the end of the day pretty disappointed with the process of that day.
When this happens, we need to go back to the basics and ask what attracted us to our business in the first place and what motivated us to get it all started.

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The Year's Half Gone? Time for some business Team Building before it's over

7 July 2016

Your teams, however small, need to be on the same page, otherwise you're not getting the best out of your business. It's a tricky job getting everyone to work well together.

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Getting Started in the new Financial Year

2 July 2016

Where's the time gone? It's the second half of the year already.
Just when you're taking a breath after June 30th, it's time to re-visit, plan, and make a fresh start.

Here's some Tips to make it easier.

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5 Ways to Give your Customers a Sweet Deal

30 June 2016

You can spend buckets of money on marketing tactics and advertising to attract customers to your business, but make sure those dollars are directed in the right way.

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Reading a Quote from a Shopfitter Specialist: Some Key Terms Used and What they Mean

26 June 2016

Last week we posted about what Site Preliminaries mean in your builder or fitouts specialist’s quotes. We got some great feedback! So to shed even more light, we thought this week we would post about some other key terms that stump a lot of people.
Have you wondered what’s behind these items in your quote?

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EOFY - End of Financial Year Helpfuls

23 June 2016

For most small business owners, EOFY can be a headache.
Government compliances stare at us.
Deadlines appear.
Payroll obligations ramp up.
And stress mounts.

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Fitouts on Trend - How to use Tiles Creatively

12 June 2016

Several types of commercial fitouts, especially retail and hospitality, have a life span of 3 to 5 years.

They need to be refreshed and re-presented to their customer base to stay relevant and interesting.
So, it's important to be on trend.

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5 More Designers' Tips for a Great Retail Fitout

11 June 2016

Last week we called on Interior Designers to share 5 of their top tips on retail design.

Here's 5 more great ideas from the experts to help you to set up shop and get the best from your retail fitout.

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Designers show 5 ways of getting the Industrial Look for Retail Fitout.

10 June 2016

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Forward Planning for Setting Up Health Treatment and Consulting Rooms

3 June 2016

Medical, Dental and Allied Health Fitouts have special needs.
There's many things to consider in the design and build of treatment and consulting areas but here's 5 top points to plan for in your new fitout.

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How to Achieve Efficiency of Space in a Small Retail Tenancy

30 May 2016

Many retail tenancies are subject to lack of space - they are often confined by either a narrow footprint, limited back of house area or no back of house at all (such as a kiosk) where they are completely open to public viewing.

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What's New in Fitout Materials & Products

26 May 2016

Keeping up with what's new and out there in the world of innovative materials and products is always part of our "To Do" list each week.

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5 Shopfitters' Building Terms Made Easy

24 May 2016

There are so many terms to get to know when undertaking a commercial fitout project.
Here are 5 more explained in a practical way.

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Simple Tips on How to Read Plans and Visualise Your New Space

16 May 2016

If you have trouble reading construction plans and visualising how your new space is going to look - you’re not alone! Many people are in the same boat. If you asked us to take care of your patients or run your shop we would be in the dark too! It just comes down to what you are used to.

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Education Spaces - A 5-point Fitout Checklist

14 May 2016

School and University learning spaces are a long way from rows of desks and chairs with a blackboard out front.
The chief markers of a modern classroom fitout are flexibility, adaptability and sustainability.
Good planning and detailed discussion with a fitout team can cover all the main topics and produce a great report card at the end of the project.

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How Shopping Centres keep Customers engaged: Upselling

12 May 2016

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Your Cafe Kitchen Fitout - 5 Tips to get the Details sorted.

29 April 2016

A hospitality fitout is always exciting.

But so many suffer from stress caused by the bucket loads of issues needing to be sorted out.
It's tough when you're trying to keep your current business running to maximise funds whilst still dealing with so many details.

Here's 5 tips to keep your hospitality fitout moving through its paces smoothly.

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How Shopping Centres keep Customers engaged:Impulse Buying

28 April 2016

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5 Hints to Help You find the Right Shopfitting Company

21 April 2016

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Making your Medical Waiting Area User Friendly

17 April 2016

When we wait, wherever we are – waiting for the bus, for our children to be picked up from school, for our coffee to be made – we occupy ourselves by looking at our phones, our iPads or laptops. Rarely these days are we satisfied by waiting with no entertainment or activity, we want to be entertained or occupied wherever we can.

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Keeping Your Business Eye on the Ball

14 April 2016

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Winning Ways to Capture a Young Market in your Retail Store

7 April 2016

Running a bricks and mortar store?
You'll know it's a hard task to capture the attention of a young generation of customers.

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Setting up a Bar? 6 Quick Questions before you Jump in.

1 April 2016

Planning a hospitality project takes a lot of thought and research.
Here's a quick checklist to help.

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Schools are Looking Up in our Cities

24 March 2016

Our population is growing.
Enjoying a lifestyle in central urban centres is a priority for many.
What's the answer for schools in areas of cities which are facing overcrowding?
Go upwards!

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Put Signage on Your Bucket List

19 March 2016

Retail, Healthcare, Hospitality, Office, Education Fitouts, whichever it might be, there's no doubt that signs are a necessary and decorative part of our commercial environment.

We regularly aren't aware of them till we need them, then we rely on them to get us to places or to announce a brand, a price, a new event or sometimes a bargain.

When you're involved in a commercial fitout or refurbishment, always consider signage as part of the bucket list either with a need to start afresh or renew what is existing.

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Keeping Your Workplace Safe - 5 things to Watch Out For

17 March 2016

Employers always have to listen up when it comes to providing a safe workplace for their staff.
So playing by the rules, choosing the right surfaces or changing what's not safe has to be on the "must do" list.

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Starting Out - Fitout Tips for Beginners

12 March 2016

We love to welcome new clients set up their commercial business premises.

It's a great partnership to work with motivated and energetic owners who've got a passion to pursue a dream.
Regularly we're asked to advise on the basics of setting up a shop, café, office, or medical fitout.

So, this week, here's our tips to get you out of the starting blocks and on track.

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10 Point Checklist - How to keep the Focus on your Customers

10 March 2016

Many of our clients are bricks and mortar retailers.
Some have online stores for both extra convenience and to capture even more interaction with their customers. Whichever way your retail business heads, keeping focus on the customer is what matters most.

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Working as a Team - 5 Simple Ways

1 March 2016

Good teamwork is an essential part of any business. Getting workmates to get along is a big part of it, and developing trust and respect is high prioirity.

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Choosing Materials for Commercial Bathrooms

25 February 2016

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Business branding 101: How your design fitout can increase brand awareness

17 February 2016

Whether you’re starting a new business or want to get your existing company noticed, establishing and growing a strong brand can be crucial for increasing customer awareness and sales. Custom retail fitouts give business owners the chance to start from the ground up and maximise brand image in every aspect of their premises.

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The importance of lighting in a commercial space

17 February 2016

Lighting is more than just a practical consideration in a commercial space. It can increase the saleability of products and encourage a more user-friendly experience for all customers. You should consider the type of lighting you use in your commercial space carefully to make sure it has optimal impact. Understanding how lighting affects mood and behaviour can help to boost sales and improve the overall customer experience.

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What's Trending in Educational Fitouts

14 February 2016

There's so much change in universities and schools, that we all need to keep up!
Here's what we notice is trending in education fitouts.

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5 Things to Check when you're ready to Lease

11 February 2016

When it's time to move on to a new place to "set up shop", finding the best spot takes time. Here's a few things not to forget before you sign up the lease.

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5 Ways to Create a Wall with Impact in your Fitout.

5 February 2016

Today Competition is high.

Everybody's looking to capture the attention of their customers.

If your fitout is to be in retail, office, medical or hospitality, there's some easy ways of creating impact and making your space memorable for your clients.

We've mentioned a few in previous posts: Oversized graphics 30.10.14 and Green Walls 23.10.14. But here's 5 Cool, Fresh Decorative Ideas to think about:

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Retailers give 5 Wise Ways to Get Ahead

4 February 2016

We need to know so that we can achieve the best from the commercial fitouts we build for them. Here's what they're telling us about the best ways to get ahead in retailing.

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Where shall we Meet?

24 January 2016

A Meeting Room will usually need to be separated from the general hurly burly of the office. It will usually need to be private.

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Freshen Up with a new Start to the Year. Here's 5 Ways

22 January 2016

Refresh and Recharge!

Everyone's getting back into work now after hopefully a great holiday re-charge.

The beach gear's been packed away, business clothes and school uniforms are in fashion again.
The first week back isn't easy: most of us are guilty of holiday dreaming or planning for the next long weekend to escape the realities "getting back into it".

Let's face it though, the work year is here so it's great to use these fresh early days to plan. Let's take the opportunity to cover a few planning basics for 2015.

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5 Reasons Why Visiting a Trade Show can help Your Business

21 January 2016

Make 2016 the year to visit a trade show to keep up with the latest going on in your industry.

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5 Blue Sky Ideas to Make Your Business Fly High This Year

11 January 2016

There's much for small businesses to look forward to in 2016.
We're keen to start off with ideas to freshen up and re-invigorate our businesses.

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Business Owners - Be kind to yourself this Christmas

17 December 2015

Many, like us, find it difficult to stop and relax after working long and hard all year.
We're good at keeping an eye on our business affairs but not on ourselves.
Here's 6 Tips to say goodbye to work and hello to a holiday.

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Retailers: 5 Types of Christmas Shoppers Coming Your Way

10 December 2015

Broadly speaking, there's 5 different shopper types, each with varying needs.
Here's how to make your shop fitout, merchandise display and customer service shine for them.

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6 Ways to make an Entertainment / Breakout Area a Success in Your Office Fitout

3 December 2015

An entertainment/ breakout area is no longer a luxury but a necessity.
Here's 6 ways you can make it a successful part of your office fitout.

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How to make the most from your Café, Restaurant or Bar during the Christmas Season.

26 November 2015

Time to gear up, create a buzz and fill those seats in your cafe, restaurant or bar!
Here's our 6 Top Tips to help boost business during the Christmas period.

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Airport Retail is raising the Bar - 5 Ways to be part of it

19 November 2015

Operators are now selecting well-known, mid to higher-end brands for their retail centres. AC Fitouts build and fit out a wide range of airport retail and hospitality spaces.

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5 Ways to Hang Art in a Commercial Fitout

12 November 2015

We've talked about the importance of using art work in a commercial fitout (blog 24 Sept 15). So, this week, let's get the hang of the best ways of displaying it:

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Before you Start Your Business - 5 Must-Do's

29 October 2015

Opening a business is busy work.
It involves loads of tasks and responsibilities and usually a considerable amount of stress. Making some early decisions and acting on them can hunt off some anguish later.

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Fabric Facts - what to choose for your Fitout

22 October 2015

What to put on restaurant banquette seating or dining chairs, on healthcare chairs, hospitality sofas, or office seating
can make a heap of difference to your bottom line.

Upholstery on commercial furniture is a significant cost in a fitout.

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6 More Tips from the Experts on Setting up a Salon

15 October 2015

The salon owners we know always want to create a comfortable environment for their clients:
No pressure, a good amount of relaxation and loads of satisfaction. The salon fitout is all important in delivering this.

This week, here's 6 of our tips to help make a salon space a success.

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6 Expert Tips on Setting up a Salon

6 October 2015

If you're thinking of starting your own hair, beauty, nail, massage or spa business, some of the best advice comes from those who've been involved in the process before. Here's 6 great tips from those "in the know".

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Who said Choosing Art for a Workplace was Hard?

24 September 2015

Often, as part of a commercial fitout, it's left in the "too hard basket".
When everything's done and dusted, the fitout looks fantastic, it's often left to someone to make some decorative art choices.

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7 reasons why Plants will enliven your retail and workspace.

17 September 2015

We could be springing into action to revive a stale atmosphere and turn it into a vibrant, healthy one.

Here's 7 reasons why we should look at adding trees and plants into our retail and work spaces.

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The Big Offenders in Fitout Maintenance - Electrics and Plumbing.

14 September 2015

Hit the emergency button!

There's a burst pipe, an overloaded switchboard and a blocked drain.
You've got a café full of customers, a shop full of expensive stock or a waiting room in darkness!

Ugh! Last minute problems often mean loss of trade and lots of lost time.
Take heart - they can be avoided.

A good maintenance program for your commercial business fitout should be on the radar.

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5 Quick Tips for Choosing Restaurant Furniture and Equipment

10 September 2015

If you're already or about to be a café or restaurant owner, then probably you'll know that furniture and equipment are a huge part of the decision making process.

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8 More Things to Avoid in Retail Shop Fitout

27 August 2015

Shop Design, Layout & Fitout have some pitfalls which can easily be avoided.

Last week we posted 8 things to avoid and this week, here's 8 more with a focus on the Counter, Display & Signage and Lighting & Electrical.

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Fashion Store Start Ups - Useful Advice from Store Operators

13 August 2015

Setting up a bricks and mortar fashion store is the dream of so many, but it takes careful planning to carry it through successfully.

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What a Difference A Paint Makes!

23 July 2015

It takes not much time, not a lot of disruption and a not a lot of money to refresh your business with paint.

And, it's one of the most effective ways to give your shop, office, practice or cafe fitout a whole new look!

Before you take off to the paint shop, consider how much natural and artificial light you might have before you make the colour choices.

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5 Solutions to help Cope with Workplace Distractions

14 June 2015

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5 Designers' Tips for a Great Retail Fitout

4 June 2015

Shop design is so important to not only attract customers, but state your brand!

Take time to really think about how your retail space can be laid out to gain maximum impact and high usage from the space.

These days retail tenancies are expensive to rent, so using every millimetre to the max is your priority!

Here's what our experts suggest to help you set up shop in a clever way.

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The Changing Shopfront - Ideas to Consider

28 May 2015

Have you noticed how shopfronts are changing?

In shop fitout design, it's goodbye to the uninviting single entry door and hello to creativity. Complete Openness, New Materials, Standout Designs - they're all on the table.

Not always possible in every location, but worth considering if at all possible in you next retail fitout.

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Are You Making the Most of your Brand - A Yes / No Quiz

21 May 2015

What's your brand saying about your business?

It's easy to slip into the comfort zone of running your "business as usual" and not paying attention to what's out there happening in the market place with your brand.
It's also easy to not pay enough attention to what's being said about your brand on social media.

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Café and Restaurant Trends you should know about

7 May 2015

Running a café or restaurant isn't a walk in the park.

There's constant planning, stocking, managing, preparing and cooking.
It's easy to let things slip because you're too busy.
Change is constant.

Here's some important trends to help re-focus on what's showing up in 2015 in the café and restaurant scene.

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5 Flooring Ideas for your Medical or Dental Fitout.

23 April 2015

Flooring is an important material for lots of reasons in any commercial fitout.

We choose it to:
Cover a raw surface
Decorate and Enhance a Space
As a Safety Tool to avoid accidents
Designate Direction or a change of use

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Time to Stand Up Office workers!

16 April 2015

This week it's time to talk about how we can make improvements to your office fitout and everyone's health in a very simple way.
These days thankfully, we're meeting owners and managers who are wanting to achieve a healthy workplace. It mostly comes up in our initial discussions about their office renovation or new office fitout.

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5 Floors You Can Take With You to Your Next Fitout

13 April 2015

When there's a change in circumstances and the need to re-locate your business comes about, being able to take most of the fitout with you can save serious dollars.

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Don't Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

1 April 2015

It's Easter and Eggs are topical.

This week we're thinking not just about the edible ones, but the business "eggs".
The ones business owners and operators sometimes keep in the one basket. A risky approach!
It's easy to build a business on just one product or one service, but it's not wise. Any fall in the market can threaten your survival.

Here are 5 ways to widen your net through diversification.

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Before the Refit comes the Defit

26 March 2015

Mostly our blog posts discuss commercial fitout, renovation, or the new build of commercial premises, because that's mostly what we do.

But there's more!

Another important stage: the Defit.

It's a pretty necessary part of commercial shopfitting and one that needs to be well managed.

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When Things Change Around You - Our Clients' Best Tips

5 March 2015

Sometimes change is forced upon us.

Things happen which we have little or no control over -
Changes in product supply, sudden changes in finances like interest rates.
Even natural disasters like the cyclone & flood we witnessed just over a week ago in our own state.

So how can owners guard against too much impact on their business during stormy times?
Some of our valued clients whose commercial fitouts we've completed, have given us their best tips.

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The Pop Up Shop - 5 Good Reasons

26 February 2015

The Retail Space is changing. No denying that.

Communications are fast, consumers are savvy and availability of goods needs to be more like 24/7 rather than 8 till 6 or 9 to 5.

So what we're seeing on the retail scene is a new "Try before you Buy" outlook.
It's the forerunner to a longer term shop fitout.
Not a bad idea given that many retailers need to commit to a long term lease in a shopping precinct and are looking for as much certainty as possible.

Why go down the "Pop Up" road? It's a waste of time and money isn't it?
Not necessarily at all, we believe.

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Medical Menu - Make Healthy Choices for your Fitout

19 February 2015

Everyone's talking about good health in one way or another.
By offering a menu of well- planned treatment, consulting and waiting facilities you're set on an holistic course of healthcare for your patients.
This week, let's discuss how we can help with making healthy choices when doing a fitout to your medical premises.

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The Upside to your Fitout costs

12 February 2015

We work with so many business owners who have to budget for not only costs of desks, counters, tiles and carpets but also wrestle with stretching their dollars to stock the fridges & shelves, pay rent and insurance or deal with signage and security systems when they start up or renovate their commercial premises.

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Top Tips from Retailers who treat their Customers Well

29 January 2015

Because we build a great deal of retail fitouts, we come across many types of businesses who are trying their hardest to offer good service to their customers.

Whether we renovate or build their premises from new, our discussions with them about how their business operates, what their future needs are and how they address their customer base are very important.

Here's some top tips they've shared about how they service customers well.

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All My Business Wants for Christmas

17 December 2014

So the year is at an end. Only 2 more sleeps till AC Fitouts closes up for a Christmas break.

We are finalising the last of our clients' fitouts for the year. At the same time, work is gearing up for a start back on January 12th with a couple of fresh, exciting commercial fitouts.

As we head into celebrations and holidays, we've been asking our clients from across the year, what the One Christmas Wish for their business would be.

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How to re-think & re-build ideas about online shopping and shop layout

4 December 2014

The Online Tsunami Has Hit the Retail Shopfront

Loads of shop owners and retailers are fighting serious battles to overcome the online shopping tsunami that's hit over the last few years. The surge towards retail online away from physical retail shopfronts has well and truly

What to do next?

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Medical + Dental Fitout Checklist - Drill Down to find some answers

20 November 2014

Medical and Dental Fitout is always undergoing changes, moving with the times.

Technology advances, new medications and new approaches for treating wellness and sickness are constantly evolving.

The way in which we think about how care is delivered should be a large part of medical clinic and dental practice design and fitout.

Follow this quick checklist we've devised for medical and dental practitioners to ask themselves when considering a brand new fitout or a renovation:

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Bosses Making A Difference

13 November 2014

This week, the buzzword is the G20, particularly in our own AC Fitouts backyard: in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast.
The big bosses of the world are getting together and making decisions about a basketload of issues and communicating them around the globe.
It’s got us thinking about this concept on a fitout level, about how bosses communicate with their staff and how they need to position themselves in the modern commercial office environment.

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6 Things to know about setting up a Grab n Go Fitout

6 November 2014

More and more, quick serve, pre-packaged food and meal options are out in front, exploding into Uni campuses, hospital precincts, and larger scale manufacturing facilities to offer a fast-in, fast-out service for busy people.
We are seeing a growth in interest from food operators wanting to fit out either an entire "grab n go" retail outlet or at least, a section of a café or shop dedicated to the concept.

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Office Renovation - New and Cool Ideas

23 October 2014

Many companies, small businesses and fitout builders are starting to take the lead when renovating, in creating office layouts which are community oriented and multi -generational.
We see it as a clever move.

The workforce these days is very much like a mixed community, spanning a wide range of workers from the millennials to mature, to the very mature baby boomers across cultures and gender.

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Shhh... Keeping the Noise down in an Office Fitout.

9 October 2014

Open Plan Offices

They're great for creating energy and involvement, but sometimes not so great for keeping sound down to a comfortable working level.

Trying to tune out when laughter and speech are invading your space.....not easy. Workers can become frustrated and unfocused.
Worse still, productivity drops when noise isn’t controlled.
Memory retention suffers. Everyone loses.

Now that doesn’t mean that a boss should keep office employees under the thumb in absolute silence, absolutely not!

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Cutting Corners - A Building Trap

24 September 2014

Cutting Corners can be Avoided - Plan Ahead

Lots of clients get caught up in having to cut corners once the building process of their fitout has already begun.
It’s mostly because the project wasn’t planned well enough.

Here are some ways to avoid the trap.

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Spring into Planning Your Commercial Upgrade

18 September 2014

Spring has Arrived:
Everyone’s feeling the energy of the new season.

We’re all gearing up and heading towards the heightened activity of Christmas.

Let’s talk about planning ahead to make plain sailing through any ideas you might have to upgrade your business
premises either before, during or beyond this time.

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Choosing The Right Floor Slip Ratings in Your Commercial Fitout

15 September 2014

Manage your risk by using the right slip ratings.

When you need to refit or design a new fitout for a commercial space - a cafe, retail shop, office kitchen, child care or
school activity room, foyer entry, stairs, footpaths: mostly any space in fact, there are very specific flooring standards to follow.

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Easy Ways to create a point of difference for your retail shop

4 September 2014

Convenience, Convenience.

You may have noticed that now, more than ever, it's all about convenience, particularly in the retail fitout world.
Making shopping easier for customers is top of the tree.
Shop design and layout needs to address the current convenience trend.
A fitout design team knows the ropes of leading customers through a retail space, enticing them to interact with
the merchandise so that the shopping experience ends up in a greater basket spend.

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I've Worked Out a Plan, What Next?

26 August 2014

Call the Fitout Specialists to bring your Plans to life.

So you’ve worked out a layout for your new commercial refurbishment.
For a retrofit of your office, shop, café or surgery? Plans are ready to go.
Need some Clarification on where to go from here?

A Quality Licenced Fitout Builder will be able to guide you through the process.

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15 Cost Saving Tips for Your Shop or Office Fitout

7 August 2014

Before you get started, tell your Fitout Team what your budget is.

Let them know the dollars you have to spend on the actual build ie: before you add in furniture, equipment, signage and so on.
If you’re working on an office or shop layout with the team, that information will be very useful to save lots of re-working of the design and finishes in the fitout.

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Linking Your Brand Identity with Your Fitout

24 July 2014

Very often we deal with businesses opening up or changing ownership. When we talk to clients about their custom retail fitout, restaurant or office fitout, they usually have ideas about the layout, customer flow, product display, and of course, their business brand or identity.

They’ve often done their market research before they talk to us about costing and building their fitout, but many times, they aren’t aware that they need to register their business name.

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Reading a Quote from a Builder or Fitout Specialist: What do Site Preliminaries Mean

18 June 2014

When you open up a quote from a builder or fitout specialist and you try to work out what’s in it, there may be an item you stumble over: Preliminaries.

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