4 Reasons to use Living Walls in Cafe & Restaurant Fitouts

Living Walls

Vertical Green Walls

Vertical Farming

Whatever their name, they’re proving to be a success in café and restaurant fitouts.

Here’s 4 good reasons to consider using Living Walls:

1. They bring a sense of tranquility to the space.

Easy on the eye, lush and textured, living walls promote a sense of well being and relaxation.

The vertical green wall concept is ‘cool ‘ to look at in more ways than one.

It’s a conversation starter, and can make customers feel comfortable in the space.

Using plants which thrive and keep on looking good requires a little research and some TLC, but the outcome can definitely be worth it.

2. They can provide edible food production for the restaurant.

Growing your own herbs on a living wall speaks sustainability and freshness.

Customers are more concerned than ever with what they consume, so incorporating a green wall of living local herbs, lettuce and edible flowers promotes those values for your business.

Ornamental plants can also be used, for instance, at the top of the garden, with herbs and lettuce below for easier access.

Incorporating both types will create a lush look.

Empty cafe or restaurant interior at a daytime

3. They can promote noise control.

Dense vertical greenery has an ability to absorb much of the noise bouncing around a busy restaurant.

Installing dense greenery on walls and even ceilings as part of the fitout will reduce noise levels considerably.

No need to use harder-edged options like wall panelling.

The softness of the greenery combines aesthetics with purpose and practicality.

4. They promote authenticity.

Real, living things have a sense of value. There’s a simplicity, an honesty about living walls.

Aren’t so many customers now craving those qualities from business?

Creating walls you can eat from plants which breathe and grow is a truly authentic approach to a café or restaurant fitout.

It’s paying attention to the environment and to customer needs. It’s giving them something they can appreciate on a few different levels.

Living Walls are an exciting design tool.

Definitely consider them to create impact and enhance your restaurant fitout.


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