5 Ways to Create a Healthy Cafe or Retail Shop

Most of us are becoming more aware of good health to keep the mind, body and spirit in top condition.

So if you’re a healthwise café or restaurant owner or a retailer, you could be looking to create new touch points to keep your customers engaged.

Here’s 5 Top Tips:

Natural Finishes:

Scrubbed timbers, bleached out concrete, plywood, light-drenched spaces.

Finishes which reflect a sense of the natural, the raw, good health, energy and sustainability are the best to choose.

Forget chunky, bulky furniture, it’s not the scene in this sort of fitout.  Ditch ideas of any dark, drab colours and overdone decoration.

Go clean and uncomplicated. Introduce greenery if you can and select colours to highlight the produce, acting as an effective backdrop to highlight the bright, natural colours of the food.

Recycled Materials:

If you’re going down the recycled track, which is one good option, then it’s great to mix repurposed materials and items with crisp, new ones.

If the entire café fitout is recycled, it has to be very cleverly thought out.

Ensure that recycled materials are clean and simple.

Marked, soiled or worn isn’t the look here. A Café which speaks “healthy living”shouldn’t be shabby or tired.

Use clean-lined materials in wall surfaces, benches and flooring, then contrast them with re-purposed light fittings, furniture, shelving units or accessories to create an individual and inviting fitout.

Coffee Shop Bar Counter Cafe Restaurant Relaxation Concept

Display & Merchandising:

Healthwise customers are quite savvy they know what they want and need.

They’re also often in a hurry, looking for a quick-fix way of increasing nutrition in their daily life with supplemented foods: protein bars, smoothies, juices, salads, nut mixes, organics, pre-packaged meals.

So placement of convenience items in a “grab n go” retail fitout or on a café menu is highly important.

Make sure the display of those items is “up front” in a well designed way.

Call in the help of a merchandiser to start you off if you need help.

Portion Size:

We all know about food portion sizes, but we’re talking here about Fitout Portion Sizes!

To create a healthy design, forget anything oversized and crammed.

Keep the layout efficient and spacious.

Workflow and Customer traffic flow are of high importance.

Clean, pared back simplicity is the key!


Let your customers know that your menu or product range caters for those with allergies & food Intolerances such as gluten and nut allergies.

Create a clear, clean and simple graphic which denotes ‘Free From’ on all menus, signs and labels.

Be consistent so that this icon works throughout your business.

It would be worthwhile to consult a graphic designer to create this as part of the branding.

The health and wellness industry is an ever-increasing market to capture.

Customers will tend to be loyal if you get it right, so good planning is the key.


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