15 Cost Saving Tips for Your Shop or Office Fitout

Before you get started, tell your Fitout Team what your budget is.

Let them know the dollars you have to spend on the actual build ie: before you add in furniture, equipment, signage, and so on.

If you’re working on an office or shop layout with the team, that information will be very useful to save lots of re-working of the design and finishes in the fitout.

15 Ways to Save the Cost:

Walls and Ceilings

1. Keep to an Open Plan as much as possible. Minimise partitioning.
2. Where you do need to use partitioning, make it solid by using as few glass panels as possbile.
3. Use a T-Bar Ceiling grid rather than a solid plaster ceiling. So many premises already have these installed. If so, try to keep as much of the existing as possible and replace just the damaged tiles.
4. Choose Paint on wall surfaces over wallpaper, timber panelling, acrylic. Paint is one of the cheapest and most easily changed finishes you can use in any fitout.
5. Make use of as much natural light and air as possible to save on power costs. Avoid placing shelving, partitions or furniture over windows.


6. Choose carpet, particularly carpet tiles over other floor finishes. Carpet tiles will allow pattern and colour, and most of all, are so easily replaced when damage occurs.
7. If considering vinyl, ask your fitout team about how the floor looks. Will there need to be a lot of floor levelling to take vinyl covering? Costs will increase with floor preparation.
8. If considering timber, “click in” flooring is cost effective, saving on labour installation costs. It also allows you to take it with you to your next fitout.

Hardwood Flooring Panels

Lighting, Power

9. LED lights are more expensive up front, but will save you in the long run.
10. If there are lots of Fluoro Troffer lights in the grid ceiling, look only at replacing the tubes and not the lights themselves.
11. Choose equipment which lesssens the load on power. Dishwashers, Air Conditioners if you need them at all, use quite a deal of energy.

Storage Cabinets, Display or Storage Shelving, Kitchen

12. Ask your fitout team to advise you about using pre-laminated boards over hand laminated boards when it comes to making cabinetry.
13. Ask them too, about using standard benchtop and shelving details. They’ll know ways to minimise costs.
14. Go for a Kitchenette rather than a large kitchen. A sink, microwave and fridge may be all you need in your shop or office layout to serve your needs.
15. Use loose furniture for storage shelving rather than built-in storage.

Conclusion- The Action

Spend time making a list of things you want to include then talk to your experienced Gold Coast Shop Fitout team to work with you.

The Result? A great fitout that doesn’t cost the earth!


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