7 Cool and Cost-Effective Ideas to Setup a Great Hair Salon

Hair Salons need to rely on good lighting to cater for their customers’ needs.

Tasks like colour evaluation and colour matching are high priority.

That’s a very good reason to think carefully about the right hair salon lighting to use.

Here are some ideas to follow:

1. Natural Lighting

It’s your good friend. Make use of as much of it as you can to show the true shades of hair and complexion.
If possible, choose a space that has good natural light to set up your salon.

2. Mirror Reflection:

Try using large panels of the mirror to make the room look larger and to allow light into space. This is particularly good if you don’t have much natural light flooding in. Try a single large panel of mirror running across a number of workstations, rather than individual mirrors per station. It’s surprising how effective it can be.

3. Colour Rendering:

There’s a rating called CRI which means Colour Rendering Index.  Use a light fitting with a CRI up near the 90 marks to make colours look lively.

4. Colour Temperature:

Generally, a 3000K (warm white) colour temperature should be used. That will create light which is calming and soft and isn’t overly bright and glaring.

Hairdresser styling a client's hair in her hair salon

5. Flexible Lighting:

Being able to angle and re-position light fittings is a great way to go. Track lighting provides this. It allows the light source to be turned in different directions as well as being moved along the track. Flexibility is the key.

6. Dimmable Lighting:

Set the mood in particular areas by using dimmable fittings. They’ll turn down the glare where relaxation is required. That’s a big part of the overall customer experience.

7. Create Light and Shade:

Certain areas need to be bright, others need to be darker. Contrasting lighter to darker creates interest and style. Avoid using the same level of light over the entire area and avoid at all costs, casting shadows over your clients’ faces.

Catching up with these basics of lighting will create a professional-looking salon.

Make sure you talk to a reputable lighting supplier, or take help of the shop fitter gold coast to choose the best fittings for your commercial space.


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