5 “Must Haves” for setting up a Bricks and Mortar Retail Space.

Setting up physical retail space needs some careful thought.

It’s much about the customer journey and keeping the customer interested and engaged.

It’s also much about what the product is and how it comes across to customers.

There are some basics of “the retail guidebook” which make a lot of sense when it comes to successful selling.

Here’s 5 “Must Haves” that are not to be ignored.

1. Have a great location with an inviting shop fitout:

Shop fitouts need to have an edge these days. Your store is the point of connection.

It not only needs to be in the right place, but its customers need to feel that shopping is “an experience”, and have it touch their emotions.

If a store fitout is well laid out, physically appealing, even interactive, then chances of keeping customers engaged are greatly increased.

A good fitout can definitely influence how well a customer purchases.

Spend the time finding the right location for your store, then getting the internal traffic flow right, establishing a “look” which fits your brand, and working on finishes and fixtures which support and “sell” the business brand.

2. Have unrivalled customer service:

Customers have an unconscious need to connect with another human being. They need to feel as though they’re listened to, valued and are in good hands.

Well trained staff who know their customer base are gold. They need to recognise various types of shoppers: the loyal tribe, the impulse buyers, the browsers, the bargain hunters and so on.

They need to be trained in the skills of using age appropriate greetings, understanding differing tastes, being very visible, being able to follow a negative with a positive, and offering to fix a problem.

Stand out from the online crowd by employing and training staff to offer personalised service second to none!
And don’t forget to hire those with prior merchandising and possibly solid online experience.

3.Have a good product:

Products that sell themselves, that have quality, reliability, a good price point are always going to appeal.

Customers want to touch, try and examine a  product in-store.

The object is to have them walk out with it in their hands at the end of the shopping experience.

Street tea shop in Sevilla

4.Have good stock levels:

The availability of in-store products removes the frustration online shoppers have in waiting for the arrival of their purchase.

That’s the edge a bricks and mortar store has.

So be vigilant in keeping up stock levels to meet that immediate satisfaction.

This means that forecasting and knowing your customer base is highly important.

When products are seasonal, the risk of having too much or too little increases.

Getting the balance right is tricky! There’s lots of stock management software available now to help the decision making process.

5. Have great merchandising display:

Allocate a reasonable amount in the budget for this because it’s much more than just putting  products on the shelf.

It is a valuable component of your business brand so be just as serious about it as you are with the business name, logo, packaging design and product mix.

A display area closest to the front entry should have the newest and most inspirational products on show.

Customers should be able to touch them as go by.

Tell a story in your displays, showing the customer what’s in it for them. Excite the senses with well co-ordinated colours and textures. Create a focal point which drives the eyes easily to the product.

There are so many ways. Call in a merchandiser if you are really stuck but don’t ignore it!

Retailing is something which can build and build.

Lay down the right foundations well so relationships can be built with your customers.
Don’t miss your chance!


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