5 Solutions to help Cope with Workplace Distractions

Being Distracted and losing Productivity is a very common problem in the Workplace.

In speaking to lots of our client business owners.

Here are some great solutions: 

1. Problem:

Your working environment gets you down and you can’t concentrate for too long.

A workplace fitout which offers a sedentary lifestyle can make us feel slow, tired and unmotivated,  and can lead to a loss of productivity and increased stress.

Crammed workstations, no breakout areas, a tiny kitchen discouraging healthy eating, even limited facilities in the neighbourhood can anchor workers to their desks making them less productive.


An open, airy fitout letting in natural light, with areas for breaking away from the limitations of a desk and simple amenities like a well equipped kitchen can alter the morale of staff.

A simple refurbishment of a commercial premises will be money well spent to keep staff productive and engaged.

2. Problem:

You’re always over promising and under delivering .

This can sometimes be destructive for both you and your client.

Many of us can’t say no or tell others they’ll have to wait a little longer because of the current workload.
We fear that we’ll make the boss mad or disappoint our customers, so we wrongly boost their confidence in us. It can turn out badly for everyone.


Don’t be afraid to say it as it is.

Those you tell will appreciate your honesty in the long run and won’t blame you for under-delivering.

If you can’t handle it in this way, then look at the flip side by seeing it as a challenge to get something done on a ridiculously tight timescale.

Stand back and wait for the thrills and satisfaction.

The power of the deadline forces you to commit and to manage the nature of the monster!

3. Problem:

You can’t leave Instagram, Facebook , Personal Messages  unattended for more than an hour.

You feel that you simply must know what’s going on at all times of day and are taking too much time responding to matters which could wait.

As a result, your mind is taken away from tasks at hand.


Put your personal phone away, turn it off, and put it out of sight

More than that though, allocate a certain time of day to check in with you personal life.

That may be 10 or 15 minutes in the middle of the day. At the same time, take a walk away from the office into a fresh environment to check in.

It’s the physical separation of work life and personal life which counts.

Try not to merge the two to minimise distractions.

Young African American woman with smartphone chatting online, browsing web, checking social media at

4. Problem:

You don’t have time to eat healthy lunches or get out to exercise.


We’ve already covered the benefits of having a well equipped kitchen in a workplace fitout.

Being able to prepare nutritious food allows workers to have full control over their eating habits.

No fast food or hidden ingredients means healthier, happier attitudes.

If that’s not on the agenda, then bringing your own lunch is a good choice.

Added to that, taking short breaks for breathing exercises to relieve stress, scheduling regular lunch hour/before work exercise sessions, introducing group exercise programmes, taking part in team competitions and so on are great motivators.

5. Problem:

You won’t make a start for fear that you’ll get stuck or because the job is so monotonous.

So instead, you’ll procrastinate by answering non-urgent emails, making coffee or tidying your desk.


Break down the work into 25-minute intervals separated by short breaks.

Turn on your phone app timer and launch into the first 25 minutes of the task you’re scared of or reluctant to do.

It’s not about finishing , but about starting and how far you get.

Often those first few minutes are enough to get traction and help get over that fear.

From that point, you’ll feel that you’ve begun and are on the road.

Turning negatives into postives keeps up the motivation. Give our ideas a go!


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