Medical + Dental Fitout Checklist – Drill Down to find some answers

The Checklist:

Medical and Dental Fitout is always undergoing changes, moving with the times.

Technology advances, new medications and new approaches for treating wellness and sickness are constantly evolving.

The way in which we think about how care is delivered should be a large part of medical clinic and dental practice design and fitout.

Follow this quick checklist we’ve devised for medical and dental practitioners to ask themselves when considering a brand new fitout or a renovation:  

Drill Down:

Why are we here?

Is our location right to undertake a commercial build or refurbishment?

Do we need planning permission to occupy the premises? Talk to a planner to discuss your site if you are unsure.

Are we trying to address a particular group of patients? eg: men’s health, orthodontics, paediatrics, podiatry for the elderly? This will depend on the type of practice you have. Very recently the medical fiotuts we have undertaken in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast have spanned cosmetic clinics, a donor room in a fertility clinic and a university based medical practice. The patient demographic has been widely different in each case. This is definitely something you shouldn’t ignore in the planning stages.

What is the “market presence” we need to create to attract that patient group to our new or renovated practice?

How will we announce to the community that we’re coming to the area or how shall we inform our current patients that renovations will provide them with an improved service?

How shall we brand or even re-brand ourselves to tell our patients that we are here or that we are upgrading our fitout?

What are we trying to accomplish in linking our patients to their community? Are we interacting with that community?

What special facilities within the fitout should we be offering over and above our competitors? A tea/coffee station? Comfortable seating zones? A “freshen up” vanity area? Daily newspapers? I Pad and Phone charging docks? A”quiet room” ?

How are we catering for rapidly changing techniques, treatments and new technology?

Are we considering industry-based information and new technologies carefully before we start talking to our fitout specialists about the new layout ?

Find the Answers:

It’s a good idea to drill down to find answers to questions like this before starting to work out the details of your new surgery, treatment clinic, or consulting rooms. Don’t hesitate to ask your commercial fitout team to assist.


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