5 Step Dentist Fitout Checklist

Are you planning on a new dental fitout or a renovation? 

While the technology, diagnostic methodologies and medications are always progressing, the way dental care is provided is also constantly evolving. 

So if you’re thinking about making some improvements to your dental fitout, or if you’re fitting out a new space for your dental practice, here is a simple checklist you may want to consider before launching into the construction phase.

1. Fitout Location

The first step is determining if the location is ready to take on a fitout.

There are quite a lot of factors that go into that decision, including the market, amenities, market saturation, etc. 

Ideally, you want a location where your practice can capture as much of the local market as possible and deliver strong profits. 

2. Planning Permissions

It’s important to ensure that you have planning permissions from the local council before you begin looking your new dental fitout.

If your dental practice will be inside of a larger shopping centre, then you will need to also seek the approval of the centre management too.

3. Patient Demographic

Which patient demographic are you aiming to reaching?

Do you want to create a family practice or pediatric practice or a dental practice for elderly.

Modern design of dentist office

You’ll no doubt have assessed the location of your practice based on the target audience you’re going for, but you should also tailor the internal fitout based on your target audience too.

4. Special Facilities

Depending on your patient demogrpahy you may have to include certain special facilities in your dental office.

If you are a paediatric or a family dental office, having a playroom will definitely be a benefit. 

A coffee/tea station in the waiting area with newspapers also helps reduce patient anxiety, and boredom. 

5. New Technologies

New advancements in the dental practice keep popping up frequently and smart use of technology may determine how effective the dental practice is going to be in the long run.

“While a positive dentist-patient relationship can make or break a successful dental practice, a beautiful new fitout definitely helps.”

Allow customers to fill out their details online instead of using paper forms to streamline the experience.

This will require tablets at the front counter, cabling and WIFI to be planned for as part of the fitout process.


With the above checklist, you can strategically plan your new fitout to adapt to the changing customer expectations.

While a positive dentist-patient relationship can make or break a successful dental practice, a beautiful new fitout definitely helps.

If you are planning for a medical fitout, contact our team for to discuss your project.


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