How Shopping Centres keep Customers engaged: Impulse Buying

Shopping centres are generally designed to hold a customer’s attention for longer than usual.

Clever architecture sometimes leads shoppers out of their way, down walkways and angled malls, holding their attention for a long period.

It’s no secret that when you’re feeling lost, and confused about where in a shopping centre you find yourself, you’ll tend to spend money. And that’s where impulse buying comes in. Many retailers are very good at creating the right atmosphere for impulse buying.

Here’s how they do it:

Controlling the environment:

It could be storming outside, or baking with heat, but inside, the shopping climate is neither of these.
It’s safe, regulated and secure. It’s the perfect place to lose track of what the time is.

Using the senses of sight, sound and smell to capture and hold shopper attention:

Soft background music or pleasant aromas are shown to induce unplanned purchases.
They set the scene, free us up and help us to abandon insecurities.

Demonstrating Products in-store or Creating Events to lead to emotionally inspired purchases.

Shopping Centres have the ability to hire well versed product demonstrators or entertainers who are persuasive and engaging and who can reach the retail audience very well.
Allowing shoppers to see, touch and experience will convert to purchases.

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Setting up Centre Credit Cards and Loyalty Cards to make it easier for shoppers to spend.

Buying via a card is pain free, detached and fast. It’s the perfect scenario for impulse buying.
Many shopping centres have their own card system for this reason.
It builds loyalty and is a persuasive tool for emotional purchasing.

Using Social Media:

Large Shopping Centres work on establishing customer connection and gaining their trust.
Social media is especially effective in this way.
Facebook announcements about what’s on or what’s new, Instagram posts offering something special every few hours and Twitter feeds all play on shopper impulse.
Peer pressure arises from this social media environment and is a very influential tool.

When you’re a player in the retail world, knowing about these strategies is important.
They have their place in driving business, brands and products.

So don’t be afraid to look on them as positive tools and give them a run.
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