5 Hints to Help You find the Right Shopfitting Company

The design of your new commercial fitout is nutted out and plans are ready to go.

Costs have come in from a couple of shopfitters and they’re all pretty much the same.

So, how do you choose the right one to undertake the project?

Here are some questions to help you make the right choice.

1. What’s the Shopfitting Company’s history in doing projects like yours?

Do they come with a good reputation in this field?

Is your project type going to be the first of its kind or does their experience shine in this arena?

Look into past projects to see how they ended up. You may even be able to speak to former clients to gauge their feedback.

2. Is the site going to be managed by one foreman/manager?

Having a single contact person who is responsible for what happens on the site is essential to the smooth running of a project.

Ask questions about who’ll be actually running the site and how often you’ll be having site meetings to keep up to speed.

Construction worker in protective uniform shaking hands with businessman in hardhat at construction

3. How quickly does the shopfitting company respond to any meeting requests or questions about the project?

Has the shopfitter explained how the job would be run?

Communication is King during the process so choosing someone who’s excellent at follow up and organisation is generally a good barometer to how they’ll perform throughout the project.

4. Do you think your personalities will work well together?

It’s going to be important to establish a good working relationship with the main builder or on site manager, especially if the project is a long one, or if it requires a deal of your input along the way.

Take time to meet with the shopfitters or site manager in person to discuss the program rather than just via electronic means.

5. How regularly will the shopfitting Company invoice you for the various stages of the project?

Making regular drawdowns is necessary for the builder to keep the process moving along, so make yourself familiar with what amounts are required.

These amounts should line up with how much of the project is completed.

Get to know, too, how the final payments must be undertaken. That way, there’s no surprises for either party.

Selecting the right person/ company to do the fitout can make or break a project so take time to figure it all out first.
The result will be a better one for all concerned. For shop fitout in gold coast feel free to reach out to us.


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