How to use Tiles creatively for your Retail, Commercial, and Hospitality fitouts?

Several types of commercial fitouts, especially retail and hospitality, have a life span of 3 to 5 years.

They need to be refreshed and re-presented to their customer base to stay relevant and interesting.
So, it’s important to be on-trend.

Tiles are a great “go-to” item to use for effect, durability and in many cases, economy.

Browse the huge range and see how widely they can be used on walls, floors, columns, counters, and even ceilings.
It’s well worth being creative with them.

Here are 8 great ways to use them in a commercial fitout:

1. Combine different grout colours with a tile to create a unique look.

Don’t be afraid to use black grout with white tiles, or red grout with blue tiles. Think beyond the square when it comes to combining colour. This is particularly good for wall tiles.

2. Take a floor tile, with its rough, heavily textured finish, and apply it “out of context” to a wall or column.

Make sure you check how heavy the weight will be on the surface. This look is great in a fitout where you want to achieve a gritty, urban or industrial look. So many tiles now have the ability to be used everywhere – on floors and walls, inside and outside, but be safe and check their rating first.

Floor tile pattern at Taj Mahal in Agra, India

3. Slim, plank shaped tiles can be used to create a herringbone pattern on walls as well as floors.

The effect is fantastic as a feature and yes, Parquetry is definitely back in! Combine different colourways in this pattern for a quirky wall or flooring feature. Rustic, Scratched back planks can look great too, on counter fronts as well as floors and walls.

4.  Use a ceramic tile that looks like a timber floorboard or a brick.

These days, inkjet printing has allowed tile makers to replicate the appearance of various surface finishes like natural stone, brick, timber, concrete, and even fabrics there are so many innovative designs.
The effect is fantastic and the low maintenance is even better. Your retail shop floor can have the look of timber but not the maintenance problems!

5.  Use oversized tile formats for impact.

Did you know that now, a single tile can measure around 3 metres in length and 1.5 metres in width?

Generally, this type is a lightweight tile about 6 millimetres thick, so there’s no weight problem.

A good tip for when you’re thinking design and layout, is to lay them horizontally to create a fabulous feature wall.

The perfect place is an office foyer or medical waiting room fitout.

6. Shapes, shapes and shapes:

Hexagons, octagons, chevrons, rhombus and provincial shapes (eg: Moroccan) are certainly on trend. The rectangle and square are no longer kings in tile talk. Tiles like this are the perfect match for themed retail or restaurant fitouts.

7.  Touchy surfaces:

Bulbous, protruding porcelain, relief surfaces which can resemble a piece of embroidery or a sculpture, cool, shiny metallics as well as familiar, smooth glass all of these lures you to touch them.

Create feature panelling, a wall or shopfront with the myriad of tactile surfaces now available.

8. Mosaics are back!

Not the 70’s style, but mini Italian masterpieces with which you can achieve amazing impact.

A clever tiling contractor can re-create patterns and pictures using the vast colour palette of today’s mosaics.

Hair salons, boutique fashion and café/restaurant fitout are prime commercial areas in which to use the colourful designs of mosaic tiling.

It’s worth getting up to speed on what’s around before finalising the finishes of your space.

Visit a selection of tile retailers to see their displays, collect ideas, then let your head go!

Tiles don’t have to cost the earth.
They’re valued for money.
it’s just being clever in the ways you use them.


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