8 “Look Good” Wallpaper Styles for Commercial Spaces

Last week we looked at reasons why wallpaper is worth using in a fitout.

It definitely ticks the boxes for making a simple, cost effective change for retail shops, restaurants, cafés, bars, salons, gyms or offices.

That amounts to almost any commercial space where it can deliver impact and punch.

So, what styles look good in commercial spaces?

Here’s 8 popular “look good” wallpaper finishes:

1. Metallics:

Glamour and luxury come to mind with metallic wallpaper. It works so well in salons, restaurants, upscaled bars, fashion retail fitouts, and office foyers. Place it on a wall where a light source will allow it to shine and shimmer. The fact that metallics bounce more light around a space means that they stretch the dollar even further! Because they ooze quality and opulence, make sure the furnishings, lighting and flooring supports the look. The “less is usually more” rule is usually best applied with metallic wallpaper to create maximum impact.

2. Geometrics:

The eye is always drawn to geometrics. They’re statement makers. And they’re timeless.
Hexagons, triangles, diamonds, squares repeated time and again can be so effective.
Whether ultra modern or retro 70’s style, they’re definitely sophisticated and smart.
If toned down in soft lines and colours, geometrics can be soothing but when big in black and white, they’re energetic and bold.
Waiting areas, meeting rooms, entry foyers and various types of retail spaces are very suited to geometrics.

3. Brick Patterns:

The texture of a brick wall immediately brings warmth to a room. Create a rustic or industrial look with a dark brick pattern, an urban look with a rough, battered brick pattern or for the clean ‘Scando’ look, go for pale coloured bricks. How about metallic bricks for a touch of luxury? The list is long and varied in Wallpaper World.

4. Timber:

A similar effect comes from timber patterning in wallpaper.  Warm and natural, timber finishes are winners in so many fitouts. If the cost of the genuine article is prohibitive, then faux timber wallpaper can achieve a similar look.
Whatever you’re creating  – a rustic or stylish and classy, an industrial, or clean and sleek finish, then timber could be your answer.

5. Concrete and Stone:

The simple untreated look of concrete or stone can mean beauty without perfection. This wallpaper style works so well with an industrial or urban look, both raw and chic for cafes, restaurants, bars, co-sharing office areas and some forms of retail.
It’s most successful with pared down interiors. Again, the “less is more” rule applies when using it.

Bedroom with wallpaper

6. Tactile Textures:

Grasses, reeds, flax, roughly-made papers with glass or sand particles, all provide a tactile effect on wallpaper which wants to be touched. With this classy and understated style, patterning is usually subtle and warm because it’s the textural play which takes centre stage.
Direct some natural or artificial light on the texture to bring it to life. Medical waiting areas, upscaled restaurants and salons, some fashion retail shops, hotel foyer entries are great places to use tactile textures.

7. Super Graphics:

Large scale scenes like sci fi cityscapes or peaceful woodlands are a great way of bringing impact and even fun to a commercial space. Choose from hundreds of large format ready-made designs to take a wall of a gym, waiting area, a consulting room,  café, bar or a retail point of sale space, from ordinary to spectacular.
A simple and impact driven result!

8. Custom Digital:

“ I want that point of difference” in the fitout is understandably what most business owners ask for.
So, customised digitally printed wall finishes can be the solution.
They give the freedom to use your own designs, logos or creative images to create a fabulous wall finish. What an exciting prospect!
Digital print wallpapers are custom made to fit the wall size. The process can be as simple as uploading your own high resolution image or design , having it printed on a suitable vinyl  and you’re in business.

Have a bit of fun with wallpaper finishes.

They’re a great way to put a “look good” stamp on your commercial space.


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