Things to keep in mind before designing Medical fitout

Everyone’s talking about good health in one way or another.

We’re all interested in making healthy choices about our lives.

Diet, exercise, lifestyle are topics on everyone’s lips.

If you’re one of our medical clients, you’re living and breathing health every day in your work.
It’s a given that you’re dedicated to providing patients with a high level of health care but these days, that’s not the end of it.

By offering a menu of well- planned treatment, consulting and waiting facilities you’re set on an holistic course of  healthcare for your patients.

This week, let’s discuss how we can help with making healthy choices when doing a fitout to your medical premises.

So, it’s out with the “junk diet” and in with the “healthy menu plan”.

Medical Council in Clinic

Here are some Healthy Choices to Make:

  1. Think “Welcoming”, “Inviting”, “Relaxing” as underlying factors when considering all areas of your fitout.  Put yourself in the shoes of both a new and a returning patient to make it easier. Is your fitout satisfying these issues?
  2. Ensure they’re off to a good start. So take a “Walk through” your medical layout from the car park, along the pathway or corridor, through your entry door and up to the Reception point.
  3. Determine how easy it was to get there, especially if you imagine you’re on a walking stick or have a child in a stroller.
  4. Good patient flow puts your fitout on a healthy footing.
  5. Focus on Wayfinding:  clear signage, directional flooring, coordinated colours to depict differing functions of spaces.
  6. Allow for “Talking Rooms” to consult after a test or an examination.  Where possible, eliminate a couch or bed so that the environment is less challenging for the patient.
  7. Consider an alternative relaxing waiting room set apart from the main waiting area which can be set out in a semi-private way.
    A patient might be invited to go to the alternative waiting room to wait for a blood test or a letter of referral, a test result etc. Such a space could be equipped with interactive devices like iPads.
  8. Use Warm Materials and Colour Palettes for finishes on walls, counter, shelving, storage & seating. Choose seating fabrics cleverly for infection control. Impervious materials like Crypton are on top of the health list.
  9. Choose a more residential style of furniture for certain fitouts, especially where higher levels of stress cannot be avoided. By nature, some medical practices need to cope continuously with high patient stress.

Good Planning leads to success. Choose these menu options as you get started so that your medical renovation or build is vibrant and healthy!


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