6 Expert Tips on Setting up a Salon

If you’re thinking of starting your own hair, beauty, nail, massage or spa business, some of the best advice comes from those who’ve been involved in the process before.

Here’s 6 great tips from those “in the know”.

1. Choose a good location which suits your style of business.

Find somewhere that suits your personality and most of all, your  brand.

If you want “high end” clients and provide that sort of service, then choose a suburb whose demographic will support that.

If you’d like to set up with a friendly, neighbourhood presence, then an accessible shopping strip or stand- alone shop in amongst a close community might be the best place.

2. Be clear about what services you offer.

Some salons run the risk of trying to supply every type of service: hairdressing, nails, beauty treatments, massage etc.
Having too many services can confuse your customers. Fewer services can mean you are perceived as being more expert and experienced.
If you really want to offer lots of options, then keep a separation between them.
The layout and fitout of your salon and specific signage will be so important to achieve this.
Talk to fitout experts about planning the salon.

3. Have a point of difference.

There’s usually many competitive salons around, so you’ve got to have an edge.
Whether you can offer a fabulously designed salon fitout, or differences in services like specialised colouring or differences in customer relationships by offering loyalty discounts or add-on extras,
whatever it is, make sure you’re doing it!

Woman In Hairdresser Shop Cutting Long Hair

4. Make yourself very visible.

Traffic past your door is gold, but if signage isn’t clear to attract attention, then customers may still not walk in.
Spend some time creating your brand before you develop your signage. One will flow on from the other.

5. Hands down, do a Business Plan!

It’s always worth the effort. Getting the goals and finances right are essentials before you get too far off the ground.
Don’t fudge on it.
Think about your salon as a business, and the ways you can make your salon succeed above all your competitors.

6. Create a Mission Statement

To declare how well you’ll serve your customers and how supportive your staff will be to each other.
Then display it where everyone can read it. In that way, it’s a daily reminder of how you want the salon to operate. 
Be smart, and stay aware of what’s happening around you.

Next week, our fitout experts gold coast have more tips to offer. Stay tuned!


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