Tips from experts to create Successful Commerical Fitout

Creating a fitout for your customer base takes some careful thought and planning. It’s all about engaging the customer and conveying the personality of the business brand through the fitout design. Catch the know on what questions professionals ask themselves when they design a commercial fitout.

Does the fitout have a creative appeal to its customer base?

Is the use of colour, texture, imaginative ceiling lines, flooring details, interesting lighting, merchandise display placement, counter finishes etc being highly considered?  It’s a must these days to make use of a wide variety of these elements.

Does the fitout design capture the customer’s attention from the outside before they even enter the premises?

Getting someone through the door is half the battle.

Focus on the shopfront, signage out front, window display, landscaping, point of entry for customers just to name a few.

Does the fitout provide an opportunity for customers to interact with it in some way?

Is there something going on?

Active not passive is a good way to go for so many types of businesses. Self-service with a point of difference, social media involvement, video, lighting, movement? Emotional connection is a high priority.  Get some social “conversation” happening with your customers. The background music just won’t cut it anymore.

Commercial reopening poster after coronavirus

Do particular areas which need to be functional: eg: food prep/cooking zones, storage, still offer an imaginative look and finish?

Creative wall tiling, decoratively shaped shelving, clever lighting, super graphics can transform the less interesting parts of a fitout into hero zones!  It still means that you can save money on these functional areas just by some clever use of materials.

Does the fitout convey your brand’s story?

A design which “speaks the brand” is a successful design.

Clear communication between brand and customer is a must.

It’s vital that your business brand or the brands you represent convey trust. Getting the fitout to look right answers half the task but creating the “feel” of the brand gives the complete answer.

Sometimes it is completely worth it to engage a marketing expert to help with this.

It’s worth the time to prepare, plan and get the professionals involved to make the fitout a success for you and your customers.


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