6 “ Need to Know” Steps on using Recycled Materials in a Fitout.

Using recycled materials in a fitout can help reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill.

It’s a win for not only the environment, but for clients and end users as well.

It’s well worth spending time finding out what’s needed before taking the full leap into a “recycled” fitout.

Here’s 6 Need to Know Steps to follow:

1.  Start with a Discovery Tour:

Take an initial tour through demolition yards, salvage depots and online sites to see what ‘s going to be around and available at the time of your building project.

2. Establish a time frame for the Project:

Based on what you’ve already found on the Discovery Tour, work out a time frame for the project to be completed.

Give yourself some time to source all the recycled items you need so they can be on hand when the builder needs them.

3. Step into the Design Phase:

Sort out the design based on your “broad brush” knowledge of what materials are around.

Early design information is going to be a great help in finding the exact materials.

The design process will lead you to specifics like what sizes, thicknesses, colour, texture of materials are needed.

It will probably be, however, that the design is flexible enough to allow for changes or variations according to what materials are actually available in the given time frame.

Flat lay of paper wastes ready for recycling

4. Set up relationships with Suppliers:

Get salvage yards, demolition sites, online suppliers on board to help in your search:

Put out a list of materials, outlining the quality and quantity so that when they become available, you’ll be the first to be contacted.

There’s never a stock standard line of supply as with new materials, so having as many lines of communication out there will certainly widen the net.

5. Arrange some Storage Space in advance:

Gathering and storing materials will take time.

A storage point is essential with easy access later on for materials to be brought to site.

6. Add in Time and Cost for the Repurposing of Materials:

Most recycled materials don’t come in pristine condition.

There’s a certain “penalty” in dealing with them.

For instance, old timbers can be riddled with nails or bolts, aged bricks can be caked with mortar, which take time for the builder to remove.

The labour in preparing reusable materials can be time consuming and expensive.

Wear and tear on machinery can be a factor too.

Preparing old hardwood or old bricks can wear out machines more quickly than newer items.

Increases in costs need to be budgeted for.

It’s important to consider how much rectification is needed when purchasing materials.

Recycling materials in a commercial fitout can produce a stunning effect.

It might take a little more effort, but taking steps to reduce waste and reuse items is a great win for everybody.

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