Who said Choosing Art for a Workplace was Hard?

Art is such a personal thing.

Often, as part of a commercial fitout, it’s left in the “too hard basket”.

When everything’s done and dusted, the fitout looks fantastic, it’s often left to someone to make some decorative art choices.

Here are 8 things to think about:

1. First impressions make a huge difference when someone arrives at the entry to your business.
If the budget is strict, allocate more funds to achieve a “wow” factor at the entry and fewer dollars to less public areas.

2. Art choices should fit your brand in some recognisable way.
For instance, if you’re running an uber cool tech company, you probably wouldn’t have a framed copy of the Mona Lisa sitting behind the reception desk.
A piece of modern art might be more appropriate. Or large scale graphics which shout out who you are!

3. Surround yourself with colour that fits the company and its clientele.
Colour schemes are important in affecting workers and clients’ moods.
They also have quite an influence on productivity.
If you want everyone to be upbeat, relaxed and calm, creative, then choose colours which work with those intentions.

4. If you’re struggling with making choices, take a theme to run through your selection.
It could be based on a particular colour scheme, choice of artist, topic and so on. It’s a “safe” way of getting it together successfully.

5. Think of mixing up a couple of different formats so there is variety.
Try not to stick to just one format:  oils, watercolours, sculpture, photography for instance.
Using 2 or more is no sin. Mix framed up prints with art canvas, ceramics or sculptural pieces.

6. Choose frames carefully. It’s all about the subject.
An elaborate frame is great to complement the art work, but an also be inappropriate.
For instance a landscape of rolling hills can look fabulous in an elaborate gold frame, but a busy, modern street scene might be best in a plainer, more understated black frame.

empty frames

7. Big can be beautiful.
An oversized canvas or framed piece can be the “wow” talking point of an office or waiting room.
It may cost more than smaller pieces, but you’ll probably need fewer.
Don’t run the risk of overcrowding your fitout with small décor which can clutter and overwhelm clients or workers.

8. If you’re not sure, rent rather than buy. There are many places which rent out art.
Think of the advantages: you have a regularly changing gallery within your fitout!
Every six months or so, there’s a new piece changing over, allowing clients and staff access to different styles and formats. It keeps things fresh!

Art doesn’t have to be expensive, highbrow or intimidating. Just go with these simple tips, and enjoy!


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