Getting the details right before moving too far ahead in setting up a café or restaurant may well be the key to success.

Plan carefully to establish a budget, decide on a layout and attend to compliances.

That’s all part of getting the prep done.

Take 5 quick tips to head in the right direction:

1. Budget:

What does your budget allow for – new or used equipment?
Because there are many choices and deals on equipment, begin with a base budget figure and then list your “must haves”.
How do they stack up? If you can’t afford top-shelf items, determine which pieces are most important, and prioritize those.
If buying “used” is the answer, be aware that it’s sometimes false economy buying used appliances – reliability can be compromised, warranties won’t apply.

2. Layout:

Get the layout of your kitchen/delivery service right before you buy.
Whether you go for island style, separate work zones, assembly line or other layouts, you’ll need to get the design right before moving on to equipment details and purchasing.

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3. Measure:

Measure the space where the equipment will go.
This is something that can’t be stressed too strongly, especially if you’re buying used pieces that can’t be returned.
Measure accurately, keeping in mind any protrusions, open doors and lift up lids .….
Measure the point of access too. How wide/tall are entry doors to get the new equipment into the space?

4. Energy Efficiency:

Look at energy efficiency ratings when choosing refrigeration, cooking, washing and lighting equipment.
The cost of power is high so every bit of efficiency counts.

5. Compliance:

Make sure your equipment complies with local authority codes.

Swat up on all of the health, building, fire, and other codes of your local council then go out and shop.Plan, stick to budget, work  with local authority rules and you’ve done the prep!


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