Do Dentists and Orthodontists have the same fitout needs?

Both a dentist and an orthodontist deal with oral health. Both study for the same degree and complete a 4-year doctoral programme. But thereafter, the orthodontist spends another 2-3 years specialising in jaw growth and development, bite functions, and smile aesthetics. Both of them basically require the same tools and equipment. But do they have the same fitout needs?

What is a fitout?

Fitout is a construction term and is a process of designing, building and decorating the interior of a space to fit a client’s needs.

This may include plumbing, electrical work, flooring, painting, carpentry, furniture and equipment fitting.

Young orthodontist checking patient in dentist's office

Dentist and Orthodontist Fitout

Before you start a fitout it is imperative that you have a clear plan. 

You should enlist the help of a medical fitout specialist if needed so that you can understand the costs involved before you start the project. 

At a dental practice, the first space that a patient is exposed to is the waiting area. 

The patients are often in discomfort (either physically, or emotionally) and so this room should be a space that brings a sense of comfort, confidence and relaxation.

They must feel welcomed, nurtured, and cared for. 

So a dental waiting room should have:

  • Enough space and to accommodate all the patients expected on a busy day.
  • Comfortable furniture.
  • Some form of entertainment like a TV.
  • Calming lighting.
  • Soothing music.

While planning a new dental clinic or remodeling an old one, both dentists and orthodontists have to keep a few things in mind.

  • A free drinking water dispenser, toys for kids, magazines for both young and old will always be welcome.
  • For the best utility of space, there should be both clustered seating as well as sofas.
  • A television on the wall, some books and board games on the shelves are a good idea too.
  • Free Wi-Fi is always a bonus since the mobile phone can keep even a child occupied.
  • A soothing colour scheme which is also in-line with the company brand.

In the examination rooms, both dentist and orthodontists require a very similar fitout. 

They both need dental chairs, storage space, computers, TVs (to distract nervous patients) and quality lighting.

The overall energy projected should be of cleanliness, safety, and comfort and professionalism. 

The following are the basic minimum that both types of doctors need…

  • Dental patient chair
  • Dental lights
  • Dental delivery system
  • Dental cabinets
  • An X-ray room
  • Self-contained dental carts with internal compressed air and vacuum
  • Flexible working space 

To add extra polish to the fitout, all unsightly cables, wires, and foot controls should be camouflaged or concealed in order to create a simple, minimalise feel.

If you’re considering a fitout for your dental practice contact our team of dental fitout specialists at shop fitters gold coast. With decades of experience they will be able to help create the perfect fitout design for your dental practice.


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