2 Common materials that can give a new look to your ceilings

Plain old plaster or office style ceiling tiles just don’t cut it in most fitout spaces any more.

We’re driving much more impact into ceilings by using materials that take centre stage.

Take a look up and see common materials used innovatively, giving us that Wow!

So get creative with Ply:

Ply is actually timber that is cross-laminated to give added strength.

When suspended up high, a lightweight version can be used to solve those tricky engineering problems.

Get creative with it and form a decorative grid, use it in squares, cut it into abstract shapes or have it routed to create intricate patterns for light to shine through.

Leave it au naturel, to create a true level of warmth with its birch or pine timber finish, which is very much on-trend.

Perfect for healthy eating outlets, environmentally-based fitouts or retail areas to name a few.

On the other hand, go crazy by painting it black, bright red, yellow – almost any colour you’d want.

Or limewash it to create a beachy, casual effect. The perfect look for retail or food fitouts.

Wooden ceiling

Or go for Pressed Metal:

Think fancy patterns with this one: geometrics, flowers, acorns, mini brick, art deco, fishscales: there’s some fantastic designs to go wild with.

Manufactured from quality aluminium and zincalume, it’s a versatile ceiling material.

Panels are easily fixed together to form a large ceiling area if required and can run from the inside to the outdoors for that seamless finish.

It’s available in various sizes to make this process simple.

Pressed metal panels can be left in their natural, metallic look or painted wild colours for a really modern effect.

Get that wow factor by using it on both ceiling and wall to form a continuous flow. An amazing look for bars and clubs.

Not to be ignored, are its heat and rust-resistant properties which allow it to stand up to the ravages of certain fitouts.

Ceiling design does make a difference to a fitout. Let these common materials take your fitout to a brand new level.


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