Easy Colour Rules to Follow in Your New Fitout

Having trouble deciding on a Colour Scheme for your Fitout?

If you are planning new colours for your shop, office, surgery, café or showroom renovation, then we at shop fitters gold coast have got it covered! And coloured!

Trust us, stick to a few basic rules and you can’t go wrong. They are tried and true rules used by many professionals including fitout builders over a long period of time.

Here’s all you need:

  • A Colour Wheel
  • A few Colour Charts from your local hardware for reference.
  • Your fitout team to do the painting!

Get started:

Work out what mood you’d like for your workplace or retail space.

The dramatic change:

You’d like your café or office to make a statement? Use 2 opposing colours on the wheel for this look.

For example, a red and a green or a blue and an orange. Whether they’re strong or subtle, guaranteed the
opposing colours will work well together. Use the colour wheel to determine which overall colours you prefer, then
hone in on your colour charts to select the exact colours in that range.

Remember though, use these as accents only.

On the remainder of the surfaces in your fitout, use a neutral colour.

The not quite dramatic but dramatic enough change:

Keep with those opposing colours, but choose another colour adjacent to one of the colours.

You might arrive at a red with a bluish green or a yellowish green on the other side of the wheel.

Use these 3 colours on feature walls and doors with an off-white or neutral elsewhere.

Painter with color palettes

The much less dramatic but definitely not bland change:

You’d prefer a softer mood with some personality for your surgery or shop. Why not use the 60/30/10 rule.

Choose a white or neutral colour for 60% of the walls, then add in 30% of a secondary colour which may also be from the neutrals, but a little stronger, then to bring out that personality, add in 10% of an accent colour which will be the highlight.

The effect will be balanced and beautiful!

Apply these basic little rules with some clear colour names to your fitout builder and they’ll love you for it!

The end result will be a retail space, an office renovation, a surgery or café fitout which has personality and presence!


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