7 reasons why Plants will enliven your retail and workspace.

Soon in our cafes, restaurants, offices, shops and surgeries, we’ll be flicking on that air con switch and all breathing the same not-so-fresh air.

We could be looking at leafy alternatives to help clean up the air in our retail and workspaces.

We could be springing into action to revive a stale atmosphere and turn it into a vibrant, healthy one.

Here are 7 reasons why we should look at adding trees and plants into our retail and workspaces:

1. Trees and plants, when added to our environment, can improve airborne bacteria levels and reduce dust particles.

Improvement of air quality in an interior commercial space is a huge win for our health and well being.

2. The connection plants enjoy with nature allows people working at their desk, sitting in a medical waiting room or shopping in a retail space to  feel more relaxed and significantly less stressed.

3. The reduction in stress levels which plants can provide, makes  workers more productive and creative, patients more receptive and shoppers more enthusiastic and energetic.

4. Plants are the perfect way of screening “zones” within a fitout.
Instead of standard and dreary partitions or noticeboards, there are now so many creative ways to use plants to separate spaces.

Privacy can easily be achieved by using plant partitioning.

Office place with various plants on the bookshelf

5. Plants which form an abundant green wall can be a stunning feature of a front entrance, a boardroom wall, a shop window, a café courtyard, a surgery waiting room.

The sky’s the limit. There are so many options available to create a green wall.  Structure, watering systems, maintenance are all pretty easy nowadays.

6. Edible plants are the go.

A kitchen garden to serve a café, restaurant,  or an office is a great contributor to health and wellbeing of customers and workers.

So many fitouts now involve some type of edible planting.

Even small commercial spaces which have no connection to the outdoors can easily have an edible garden of some sort.

7. Potted plants have some acoustic abilities.

They absorb noise by muffling the sound waves which bounce around everywhere. Choosing plants with dense foliage helps with noise.

Spring breathes new life. Reviving a retail space or a workplace need not be too expensive nor tedious.
Get Mother Nature on board to lend a hand.


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