Our previous post was all about planning for the right equipment in setting up a cafe or restaurant.

We’ve got so much more to talk about on this topic.

Here’s 6 more useful ideas about getting those details right.

1. Refrigeration:

Decide on which types of refrigerators and freezers you’ll need: eg:walk-in, under bench, reach-in cabinets. Refrigeration is a budget guzzler so put time into working out your best options.

2. Washers:

Decide on the type of dishwashers to suit your type of kitchen: standalone, under-counter, door-type.
The choice will depend on  what the projected capacity will be.


Look for brands and suppliers with a good reputation.
The last thing you need is a breakdown.
Reliability is everything to keep your business running.
Find out what the best brands are and how secure their warranties will be.

4. Dry Storage:

All ingredients need to be stored safely in the right environment, so what are the options?
Will you need shelves with locking wheels and smaller storage units for quick access ?
Where will you store things like plates, bowls, glasses, cutlery?

Cafe owner opening cafe

5. Smallware:

Don’t forget to allow a significant budget for the little items.
Smallware and linens can add up.
Pans, crockery, cutlery, hand tools, cloths, towels and so on are essential items and carry with them a significant cost.

6. A POS System:

Choose the right system for speed, reliability and accuracy –that’s important.
Go looking for a specialist to help you in that choice.
You’ll need to discuss how to communicate orders from table to kitchen, how to manage orders, to keep customer tabs open and so on.

Getting these details worked out in advance will save a good deal of time and effort later when you’ll be needing to focus on the running of your business.


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