What to expect in a Builder or Fitout Specialist quote?

When you open up a quote from a builder or shop fitout specialist in gold coast and you try to work out what’s in it, there may be an item you stumble over: Preliminaries.

What are they?
And why do they cost you?

Well at the beginning of a fitout project, before you see any progress on site, the builder and fitout team are
required to check and prepare a number of items up front which will apply to your job.

The average person may not realise the number of issues there are to cover in the preliminary phase of a
project, but on every site there are plenty, and they ensure a safe, efficient and accessible work environment.


Firstly, the following must be checked and/or put in place:

  • Insurances
  • Licenses
  • Building Approvals
  • Plumbing Approvals
  • Workplace, Health and Safety Conditions

Then there are also site set-up items that are required to be prepared before works can safely and legally
commence, including:

  • Fencing
  • Scaffolding
  • Specialist machinery hire
  • Power Supply for use during the project
  • Construction of site signs showing workplace conditions
  • Establishment of site storage facilities & WC
  • Establishment of a site office on larger sites
  • Parking bay allocation
  • An accessible delivery point
  • Rubbish removal processes and access
  • Liaison with Building Management
  • Checking and ordering of materials

And for the above to be put into action, associated labour and supervision factors come into play:

  • Site Supervision costs
  • General Site Labour costs

So the work involved to carry out all “Preliminaries” within a fitout is a lot more than might first be realised.
If you have any questions about your own project’s site preliminaries, please feel free to have a chat to our
fitout team and we can run through the full list of preliminaries required for your project.


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