What can a Fitout Builder do for You? Ask some questions up front.

Often clients come to us with questions, but aren’t really sure of what specifics they need to ask.

So, we’ve put together 6 important questions to ask a fitout builder to help determine which building company will be the best fit for your commercial project.

1. What type of work do you do? Renovate and refurbish as well as building from new?

Most fitout builders like us will do all types of work which will include refurbishment and new build.

Generally fitout builders are a one-stop “shop” from demolition to turn key handover of a commercial build.

Some, like us, also do maintenance work to ensure that a building is always kept in good working order.

2.Do you have your own team or do you sub contract each project?

A good fitout building company usually has their own regular team of trusted and experienced workers. We do.

In that way, the job experiences fewer delays, is quality assured and has a consistency of workmanship.

It’s important that the entire team understands the role they play in the project and in making sure that the expectations of their clients are met without compromise.

3. What about architectural and design services for my fitout?

That’s not a big problem.

Even if a company doesn’t have an in-house architect or interior designer, they will usually work closely with a professional to establish the best design for the budget.

Designers and builders work together all the time either in-house or externally and collaborate to refine a design, cost it then build it.

4. What about compliances? Will my fitout meet approvals?

A good fitout company will work to the BCA requirements and not cut corners to ensure that the building work is compliant.

The Building Code of Australia (BCA) sets the minimum requirements for a building in relation to its structure, fire safety, access and egress, health, energy efficiency and general amenity.

All certificates of compliance must be collected and issued at the end of the project.

Architect Explain Project Plan To Builder Contractor On Constuction Site

5. How much will a fit out/refurbishment cost?

That’s the most asked question! And not one that can be answered before a design is nutted out and given detail.

Every project is different and the more detailed the documentation is from the designer, the more accurate the quote can be.

Always have a budget in mind so that the designers can work to it.

Sometimes we come across projects that are designed well out of a client’s budget because no figure had been provided as a guideline for the designers to work to.

Most fitout builders can provide budget estimates based on very early design concepts, but they will only be an estimate.

6. I’ve received a more competitive price for my fitout , what next?

Study the quotes carefully to compare them. Why? Mainly because not all quotes are the same.

When comparing them, be careful to examine and clarify with the fitout company what’s included and what’s only estimated. Cheaper doesn’t always mean better.

Be sure that all specifications, materials and finishes are included and not substituted.

Some builders will might gloss over the details to get business up front, but once the fitout starts, there could be a significant number of variations to the price.

It should be that once the agreed costing is signed off, then no significant variations to the documented scope of work should occur.

Be organised and plan well to get the best from a fitout builder for your next project.

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