Fitout Tips from the Top Retailers in the Industry

Retail Fitouts:

Because we build plenty of retail fitouts, we come across many types of businesses that are trying their hardest to offer good service to their customers.

Whether we renovate or build their premises from new, our discussions with them about how their business operates, what their future needs are and how they address their customer base are very important.

Here’s some top tips they’ve shared about how they service customers well:

1. Make sure your brand says clearly who you are and what you sell.

Be sure not to confuse your customers about what is on offer. Innovative, clear signage is vital to direct them to you.

Don’t cheapen up on a net-purchased logo or one you make yourself. Engage a professional for advice on creating your brand. The care you take will transfer to your customers. You’ll reap the rewards!

2. The fitout of your shop says who you are – no question.

It should “speak the brand”. If it’s out of date, disorganised, chaotic or has a mish-mash of merchandise, it will turn customers away.

There are always plenty of competitors who’ll take their business.

Entry and exit points have to be well positioned, passageways wide enough for pram or wheelchair comfort, gondolas and shelving positioned to allow visibility in certain zones.

Change rooms should be well appointed and comfortable, not to mention neat and tidy.

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Woman walking with shopping bags at the shoppingmall

3. Window Display must be well lit, and full of impact.

Windows hold the invitation to enter, so they must grab attention and be changed regularly to keep customers interested.

Think simplicity and style every time. Engage a merchandising expert for advice. Shop windows are King!

4. Train your staff then train them again!

Schedule in career development opportunities for them.

Offer incentives to staff who perform well. Well trained and loyal staff will attract loyal customers.

5. When customers enter, make eye contact as you greet them.

Come out from behind the counter as often as possible to pay specific attention to them.

Be complimentary, but don’t overdo the compliments to the point of sounding false. Make them feel wanted in your retail space.

Engage and listen. Get to know their name if possible.

6. Display the merchandise actively as you can.

Wear it, operate it, offer tastings of it whatever you can! Have it on a show for all to see.

You and your staff should be walking examples of the fashion you sell or the hairstyles you create.

Whether you’re selling pies or prams, offer samples or demonstrations. Customers are then immediately engaged with the product.

7. Set the music volume to a level that can be enjoyed by your customers.

Well-selected music can also be part of your brand but shouldn’t dominate to the extent that customers are driven away.

8. Send your customer off at the end of their purchase with the best impression you can give of your product and service.

Keep the financial transaction seamless, make the packaging clearly shout your brand, and offer to assist in any further way.

All of these will leave your customer with a positive impression.

We know that retailers have to be on their toes to capture the best of a difficult market these days.

A quality shop fitout goes a long way, but be sure to offer great customer service to make it a true success.


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