How you can keep your Business Operating during Renovation?

The renovation of your business premises while keeping the business running can be a juggling act.

It’s one of those things often put in the “too hard” basket because disruption affects staff and clients alike.

But the fact is that commercial fitout has to keep up-to-date, be functional, relevant and friendly to staff and clients.

So every few years, it has to happen. Here are some tips:

1. Have your Plans worked out and ready before anything happens on site:

Avoid problems associated with the “work it out as you go” approach. Designs and plans need to be well sorted.
Finishes like flooring, wall treatments, ceilings, lighting, seating etc should be fully worked out and documented in advance.

2. Plan a Time Line with your Fitout Team in advance:

Establish a workable timeline by sitting down with your retail fitout professionals in gold coast and flesh out issues that could emerge during the project, such as delays in supplies, extreme weather conditions; anything which could mean that work is held up. Orders need to be made for items like furniture, lighting, display signage, window coverings and so on well in advance to ensure they’re ready to go when the building work is done.

3. Plan where Excess Items will be stored to make room for the work to take place on site:

You’ll need to create clear space and move things off site for a short time so have a strategy in place for this to happen. Hiring a secure storage unit might be a handy move during the renovation. Plan for this early.

4. Get the right Approvals:

Make sure you have the correct permissions and approvals in place before you start.

Not having them can mean big holdups!

Find out from the local authority if certain building approvals are needed.

Don’t forget to also check with the Body Corporate or Centre Management to ensure everything you’re planning to do is given the official tick.

Blue-collar worker operating crane hook in a big factory.

5. Renovate Major Areas in your slowest periods.

Most businesses have slower periods in the year when trade drops back.

Well in advance,  schedule building work for that time but remember to maximise the planning so that when that time arrives, you’re ready to go!

6. Divide the Renovation into stages so that you don’t need to disrupt everything at once.

Portion out the work in manageable stages so that you can continue to trade around the building work. This method may not suit certain businesses, but will certainly be more workable for many.

7. Determine the Temporary Relocation of  Key Spaces for when the build progresses:

Key areas of your surgery, retail space, office, cafe etc may need to be moved to a more accessible area during the renovation. The design or fitout team can assist in working out an alternative entry, counter position, access way, seating area and so on. Do this in advance.

Go by the old boy scout rules: Be Prepared.

The renovation process should run a lot more smoothly.


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