5 Tricks to get extra space with Mezzanine

Mezzanine floors are a fast and simple way of gaining extra office or storage space in a commercial or industrial building.

They’re cost-efficient too.

Here are 5 important things to know if you’re thinking about installing one:

1. They can save on relocation costs.

No need to go anywhere!

Moving premises involves re-leasing of a selling/buying arrangement, not to mention relocating stock and staff.
It can be a costly exercise for any small business.

Using the existing space, provided you satisfy a few conditions, can be a clever answer.

2. You’re able to keep the different functions of your business in separate spaces.

A mezzanine can serve to effectively separate the administration side from delivery, storage and dispatch sides.
In small spaces, it’s sometimes hard to keep these areas separate on the one level, but a mezzanine can automatically create a workable layout.
If well positioned, it can definitely improve business productivity and communications.
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3. There are engineering issues to consider – load capacity and open spans.

Depending on how you plan to use the space and what you plan to store in the mezzanine will determine the maximum load capacity for the structure’s engineering standards.

Office space for instance requires fewer kilograms per square metre than heavy storage.

You probably won’t want too many support posts intruding everywhere either.

An engineer will need to design open spans, calculate load capacities and then issue a certificate at the end of the installation to show its full compliance.

A professional and reliable installer will help you through all of these issues.

Mezzanine floor in minimalist apartment

4. There are Building Standard issues to address.

Like any building project, fire safety standards and the regulations of the Building Code of Australia need to be met.

Things like staircase enclosures, sprinkler systems, smoke detectors, handrails, non-slip treads and visual signage and so on.

A professional can help to cover all of these.

5. There may be Town Planning issues to comply with.

It is essential to address any town planning requirements to have a fully approvable mezzanine space.

When you’re adding extra space, the local council may require extra car parking requirements, so check before going ahead.

There may be restrictions you don’t know about.

And to wrap up all the compliances, at the end of the build, a private certifier should be engaged to issue a certificate of approval.

You’re done, and it’s watertight approved!

Pretty easy, minimal disruption to your business and cost-saving.

Well worth considering to gain more space.


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