Dental Fitouts That Increase Patient Comfort

Dentistry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the health care industry. Dental facilities are becoming more and more progressive in terms of technological advancements with new equipment and infrastructures. 

In the grand scheme of things, the small things that increase patient comfort are often forgotten. 

Here are seven essential dental fitouts that can help increase patient comfort: 

Natural and Artificial Lighting Is Important

Proper lighting plays an integral part in creating a warm and inviting space for your patients.

Lots of natural light makes a dental practice feel less clinical and makes patients feel at ease.  An open dental fitout with floor to ceiling windows or skylights helps to bring in maximum light from outside. 

In terms of artificial lighting, skip the fluorescent lighting and go for soft downlights in warm tones which lowers the anxiety associated with a dental procedure.

Furthermore, try layering the lights with the help of statement pendants or chandeliers.

Calming Music 

One of the crucial points you need to consider when planning a dental fitout are the sounds of dental treatment.

The drilling sound is not what you want to hear when you are in the waiting area. 

“Every part of your dental clinic should be professional and exude comfort and tranquillity.”

With good soundproofing and soothing music or sounds of nature playing in the background, the patient is relaxed and calm while waiting, and during their procedure.

Soothing Entertainment

Nearly all waiting rooms come fitted with a TV to ward off boredom whilst you wait for your turn.

Ensure that the programs are soothing, calming like nature documentary or geographic channel and not any news or drama programs. 

Environment (artwork, plants)

Environment plays an integral part in creating a welcoming space for the patients.

This can be made by incorporating artwork by local artists in the walls and waiting area. They bring about peace and tranquillity, both for patients and visitors. 

You can achieve the same by incorporating plants into your dental fitout.

A spot of occasional greenery reduces the stark appearance and you can also add beautiful flowers in vases through the practice too.

Ergonomic Dental Chair

Having a clear understanding of the dental chair and the working space helps the dentist make the experience more pleasurable for the patient too. Ensure that the chair is adjusted to suit the ergonomics of the dentist and patient alike. 

An ergonomically designed practice helps to improve efficiency and workflow, thereby increasing patient satisfaction. 

Ceiling Television

Your patients are going to be looking at the ceiling for long periods during their treatment, so it makes sense to have something to entertain them, thereby reducing their anxiety about the procedure at hand. 

Happy patient

A flat-screen monitor fitted on the ceiling with alternating pleasant images or a movie they like distracts them and allows them to enjoy the view above. 

Comfortable Waiting Room Chairs

Patients are going to spend as much time in the waiting room as in the treatment rooms.

So having comfortable waiting room chairs is one of the fundamental ways by which you can reduce patient anxiety before treatment even begins.

State of the Art Technology

Now that you have made the dental practice a more open and inviting place, ensure that you have the practice fitted out with the state of the art technologies. 

Dental technology is growing at a fast pace, and it is up to the dentist to keep up with all the latest advancements.

Be it digital x-ray machines or no-needle anaesthesia, it often helps the patient gain satisfaction and trust in the practice knowing that they’re having treatment with the best technology available.

While everything outlined in this article will help to reduce patient anxiety and create a pleasant dental experience, it’s often the small things that give you a competitive edge.

A simple change to the standard workflow like offering electronic check-in systems can work to your advantage. 

Understanding the basics of medical fitouts can go a long way in taking your practice to the next level. So call our fitout experts for help with your project.


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