Best ideas for revamping your commercial shopfront

Have you noticed how shopfronts are changing?

In shop fitout design, it’s goodbye to the uninviting single entry door and hello to creativity. Complete Openness, New Materials, Standout Designs  – they’re all on the table.

Not always possible in every location, but worth considering if at all possible in you next retail fitout.

Some useful points to think about:

1. The completely Open Frontage:

Having an open frontage, particularly in a mall situation or a strip shop location, can draw customers to you.

In this situation, keep your display to a minimum but be impact-driven in what you place on show.

Clever lighting can help. Interior flooring which blends with the outdoor finishes can create a seamless entry point.

The customer should be easily able to see what’s on show from the shop exterior.

Ask you fitout experts about incorporating folding doors there are so many types which will work well and open up the entire shopfront.

Colorful shopfront

2. The Hero entry:

Stand out from the rest. Be the one that’s noticed.

If your retail fitout is in a secure shopping centre, then you may have the ability to dump the traditional glass or timber frontage altogether.

Think about using a frontage made of rope, canvas or mesh.

Maybe even open steel framing or acrylic strips? There are endless possibilities when full blown security isn’t an issue.

Most centres have external security measures which allow shop owners more scope for creativity.

3. Oversized doors or glass panels:

A retail space is all about displaying what’s on offer.

So having non-standard front windows or a front entry door which opens up the width and height of your shop creates a perfect environment for displaying and lighting your stock.

A very tall door, and tall glass shop window panels inject dynamism into the shop front. They may cost more than standard items, but they are great advertising tools!

4. The Very Closed Shopfront:

Now, that speaks exclusivity!

This type of fitout will only work with some brands with loyal customers who always support the brand.

Having minimal windows for display or maybe blanked out glass with just a small open space for a peek entices the customer to want more.

If you are confident of your brand appeal and exclusivity, then this is definitely worth considering!

5. Unclutter:

Keep the shopfront open, clear, bright and easy to read.

Don’t confuse customers with too much display or signage.

Arrange your retail display around a theme and use the “Less is More” rule. Take out rather than add more.

The impact is created with simplicity. Stick to the rule even if you’re tempted to do more.

There are really very few rules actually in shop front fitout. The sky’s now the limit. Go for it!


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