8 Things To Avoid in Retail Shop Fitout

In previous posts we’ve talked about what Good Things to do in Shopfit and Retail Design.

In  the next couple of weeks, we’ll look at some Things to Avoid.

We’re talking layout, walls, floors and ceilings this week.

So, here’s our list of 8 things to stay away from:

1. Avoid a store layout with no visual breaks.

Keep your customers in the store by giving them a reason to stop and look.

Create and position strategically, interesting and ever -changing displays as visual breaks to attract attention and keep your customers in the shop.

Once you get them inside, you don’t want them to rush the journey and leave.

2.  Don’t leave large areas of wall as blank space above shelving or wall fixtures.

Make your displays high enough; but if you have extra space above, then use it for storage to get the best from it.

Space above gives you an opportunity to use a feature finish or eye catching graphics.

3. Never leave walls unrendered or unpainted.

This applies also to block work walls unless they are deliberately intended to create an industrial effect, say, in a specialised fashion or café fitout.

Exposed blockwork has a place there, but not in most other styles of fitout.

4. Avoid expanses of continuous slat walls which are monotonous and can be unsightly.

When you do use slat walls, they must be framed and not have any edges exposed.

Break up sections of slat walling to avoid sameness. Vary the ways in which the stock is displayed.

Pegboards are also a  “no-no” unless they are used in a totally innovative and “designy” way.

Construction Master Plan Draft Blueprint Male Concept

5. Don’t use Display items which have seen better days.

Try to purchase shelving, racking, showcases, specialist display cases from new, or at least in excellent used condition and keep them up to scratch.

Don’t skimp on shop fittings and fixtures which look worn or are poor quality.

They don’t have to cost the earth, but choose only those in the best of condition to show off your stock.

6.  Avoid a continuous low height ceiling throughout the space.

It’s important to have highs and lows in the ceiling line of a retail fitout, with bulkheads in places and heightened ceilings in others.

Make sure your fitout has that variation of heights.

7. Get rid of the”office style T-Bar” ceiling.

No shop should have one of these.

If you really must keep some T-Bar, then break it up with sections of solid plasterboard. Use a variation in height in the plasterboard too.

8. Paint  alone is not enough.

Paint might be a pretty cheap wall finish but avoid using it alone.

It’s just too ordinary. Partner it up with other finishes like wallpapers, tiles, stone, faux bricks, laser cut screens or feature timber panels.

Be innovative and think of creating textures or a three dimensional effect.

Simple things, and easily steered away from if you’re in the know.

Keep your retail fitout well laid out and interesting. Don’t settle for less.


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