Mens Fashion Retail Store Fitout – Designer’s Ideas

Men’s fashion stores are growing in number and popularity. Recent studies have shown that 75% of men now view shopping as a leisure activity.

So, we’ve dipped into 3 of the latest designer ideas to share what’s happening in the male retail world. For other ideas contact retail fitters in gold coast.

The concept style store:

A shop which depicts the overall story and concept of the products you’re selling.
Designers say to create “corners” in this retail space so that the store has a sense of discovery for the customer.
For instance, include  a cool coffee bar serving coffee and and snacks, a casual, sporty corner for the outdoorsy male shopper, a formal “living room” of suits and dressy wear, a barber’s relaxation space,  a shoe and accessory corner, a travel section.
Each corner tells its own story, resembling different rooms in a living place and is linked to the concept of the fashion products.

The ever-changing boutique style store:

A shop which is being constantly refreshed where guy shoppers expect something different every time they visit.
Designers say to start by finding keywords which spell the look of the product collection.
These could be: “heavily masculine”,  “ultra edgy”, “stylish contemporary” for instance.
Mixing opposites is one idea to consider.
Choose, for instance, industrial with warm timber, coarse concrete with brass, rusted copper with soft leather or whatever suits the look.
Keep your display system flexible and be able to attach and detatch display lighting to suit the flexibility of spaces forever changing within the store.
This type of store also lends itself to providing changing services or products to its customers, so get thinking about “add ons” you could do to keep the guys interested.

Two young men shopping for clothes in a clothes shop

The historial brand style store:

A shop which boasts a long-living, timeless brand.
Shoppers will want to feel the security of seeing the product they’ve known and loved, so display it as the long-time, quality driven  hero.
Merchandising display is all important here.
Historical, vintage-style props like an old-school motorbike, piece of machinery, travel cases, or a vintage computer are just a thought.
Keep the look dependable and secure but add in some current twists.
There could be coloured accents taken from the branding colour palette which reflect this current look, or a new finish you could introduce.
Customers will want to linger to enjoy, so comfort is tops.
Provide seating areas, maybe lounge room style, possibly with timber, leather, stone depending on what the product says, of course.
Regardless of the finishes, this type of store has to declare its strong brand presence.

We can’t ignore savvy male shoppers any more.
It’s time to zone in on what’s going to tick the right boxes for them.


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