6 More Tips from the Experts on Setting up a Salon

The salon owners we know always want to create a comfortable environment for their clients:

No pressure, a good amount of relaxation and loads of satisfaction. The salon fitout is all important in delivering this.

This week, here’s  6 of our tips to help make a salon space a success.

Work Surfaces:

Salons of different types use dyes, waxes, shampoos and various chemicals.
Having non porous work surfaces will mean that there is no wear and tear on cabinetry, particularly the benchtops.
Think of materials like Solid Surface (eg: Corian, Staron) or Stainless Steel  for benchtops where strong solutions will be used.
Elsewhere, laminates will be fine. Your fitout and design team can advise on choices available.

Good lighting:

It’s a good idea to use a blend of lighting sources, wattages, light fittings and colour temperatures in a salon.
When you incorporate different lighting sources in the right places, the separation of light can make the space interesting.
Ask a lighting expert about colour temperatures which are best to determine hair dye colour, make up colour and so on.
By using the right light sources, your clients will see themselves at their best and leave the salon feeling satisfied.

Shelving Display:

It’s good business practice to display and sell products you use in the salon, so having shelving which is geared to do this is vital.
Make sure product placement is right: “easy to see and easy to reach” is the motto.
Determine a client’s average height, and work to the level of sight and reach.
Top selling products already have a following, so increase their visibility by giving them prime position.
Shelving should be well lit, always easy to clean and robust.
No saggy materials which can’t take the weight and looks tired!

Chairs and mirrors in modern hairdressing, beauty salon

Use plenty of mirrors:

There’s plenty to love about using mirrors in a salon fitout.
They increase the sense of space, bring in more light, and definitely satisfy our desire to look at ourselves! Human nature, really!
Don’t skimp on size.
A client needs to see the whole picture, even when sitting waiting during a service, so keep the engagement going.
Large format mirrors can be a true feature in a salon fitout
They can also be located in the retail area to encourage clients to try a product.

Electrical Points:

Plenty of General Power Outlets (Power Points).
Don’t skimp. A typical salon has a heap of electrical items, from hairdryers and hair straigheners to curling wands trimmers and wax machines .
They all need power to be conveniently and closely placed.
Think about positioning GPO’s so that using your appliances is easy and time is saved in changing them over between uses.

Facilities for Clients on Wheels:

Being open and welcoming to all types of clients is a must.
Having a wide entry point, plenty of manoeuvring space for a wheelchair and a station which can easily cater for a client in a wheelchair or an elderly person on a walker should be on your radar.
Creating a non-threatening space where those with wheels (including parents with prams) can feel comfortable in getting in and out and just being in the salon is so important and something often forgotten.
Give your business the edge by being  inclusive in this way.

Good Planning, Clear Thinking and Talking to the Fitout Experts are the way to go.
It’s a great strategy for keeping on track.


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