8 Ways to Bring a Spring to Your Business

It’s September and it’s Spring!  Noticing it’s easier to get up in the morning to go to work?

Feeling as though there’s a certain energy returning ? Time for the business & workplace to have a freshen up.

Here’s 8 simple ways:

1. Cull and Archive

Time to go through the files, the stacks of paper, the stock that’s been hanging around for too long.
Archive, throw out or sell it off.

See it as a cleansing process which is designed to refresh and invigorate everyone in your business.

Allocate time for everyone to be involved.

2. Call in the Cleaners

Dirty Carpets, Dusty Shelving, Grimy Window Display, Gritty Floor Tiles, Sticky Computer Screens, Caked Coffee Mugs.

Clean it Up!

Either DIY or get in the professionals asap to make your workplace clean, fresh and lively.

3. Re-paint

Any surfaces which are chipped, broken or just plain tired, refresh, refresh!.

Adding  a new colour on a wall it can change the personality of your business so easily and cheaply!

Introduce a feature colour to add punch.

4. Introduce some Greenery

Circulate some fresh air by placing some plants in your workspace.

Plants can make a space appear cleaner and more relaxed.

Connect the indoors with the outside environment.

wooden shelves with potted plants in office

5. Look up at the Lighting

Take a look at the lighting level to see if it is bright and uplifting.

Ensure that task lighting for your staff is appropriate.

Get in a lighting technician to assess if the Lux levels are meeting standards.

Replace any bulbs which might have blown.

6. Do some re-arranging or replacing.

Replace old tired task chairs, display shelving, visitor furniture, whatever is making your business look outdated and weary.

Often, a simple re-arrangement of desks, a meeting table, counter, or display shelving is all it needs to give the workplace a whole new look.

7. Smarten up your staff

This might need to be a “Pep Talk” to reintroduce your staff to being “crisp” again.

Punctuality, Dress Code, Customer Service all might need to be part of the Spring Clean Conversation to make a difference.

8. Connect

Make a resolve to connect with your staff, your community  and other industry colleagues or customers.

Every day. On a personal level.

In a giving way not in a receiving way.

Genuine connections are formed like this. Allocate about 20 minutes or so to do this.

Spring is the perfect time to evaluate and assess.

So clean up your work premises, reach out to your existing customers and capture new markets.
It’s time to transform and renew your workplace and business!


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