10 Designer’s Tips for creating a Scandinavian style fitout

Creating that Scandinavian fitout can be easy once you know a few simple principles.

It’s a style that is very adaptable to so many commercial fitouts: café, fashion, beauty, food, even some forms of healthcare.

It’s pure, honest and it’s simple.

Designers know how to get the look right……….

  1. Use misty whites or soft greys from the Scandinavian environment to give a clean and calming feel.
    The idea is to create a  look that is minimalist but not stark.
  2. Use multiple shades of the same colour. It can be done very successfully to create interest and depth.
  3. Keep walls and floors very light. By doing this, you can show off the product on your shelves to the max.
  4. Where you use whites or greys, introduce blacks and browns for contrast. Light fittings, a counter detail, or artwork on the wall can carry these contrasting colours.
  5. Introduce a pop of colour like a dusty pink, a sea-green or an icy blue for added interest in dressing room curtaining, café wall tiling, a rug, or a feature on the wall.
  6. Where you need to layer up the luxury, particularly in a fashion or beauty retail space, then think about using some finishes like burnished bronzes, metallics, leathers, animal hides, ceramics or a heavily textured floor rug.Scandinavian kitchen
  7. Light fittings play a prominent part in Scandinavian design, so feature them over a counter, in a quiet seating area, or just about anywhere. Group some simple pendants with timber, resin or concrete details, hang some copper pipe with lamps over a counter or suspend some minimalist chandeliers. Get the details right with lighting but keep it simple.
  8. Introducing botanicals like potted plants adds a touch to the environment and are a great way to integrate colour and texture without making the space feel cluttered.
  9. Painted interior brickwork on a feature wall, subway-style tiles as a splashback, tongue and groove feature panelling – they’re all easy ways to add all-important texture to a Scandinavian style fitout.
  10. Simple, open shelving is a basic part of Scandinavian design. Group products carefully and minimally for display. Keep all display simple and clean-lined. Sticking to these guidelines demands a degree of restraint.
    Use the “less is more” principle to reach this popular, uncluttered style and you’ll be nearly there.

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