6 point checklist for setting up an awesome bar

Planning a hospitality project takes a lot of thought and research.

Here’s a quick checklist to help:

1. What type of bar are you interested in?

A comfortable, friendly local neighborhood bar
An edgy, on trend city style, urban bar
A Brewery/microbrewery
A novel, specialty style bar
A nightclub style bar
A Sports bar
A Cafe/Bar

Diverse young people celebrating drinking wine at bar restaurant

2. How will your Fitout reflect the bar style you choose?

Getting the crowd inside is a big task, so “the look” is hugely important.
There’s no question: the fitout has to “sell”!
Take time to plan, to decide on finishes and fixtures to get it right.

3. Who is your target market? Get to know your target clientele

Do some research on age groups, gender, spending abilities.
Who lives in or will frequent your location?
What types of drinks are they most likely to want?

4. What are you going to sell?

Beers On tap? From domestic beers, imported beers, to craft brews.
Bottled Wines and Beers? Local or imported, with vintages and histories attached
Liquors? From mixed drinks to speciality shots.

5. Who are you going to hire?

What skills sets do they need to have?
Make sure you hire the right staff.
They’re one of the most important investments you’re going to make.
If you don’t have great staff, your business can suffer.

6. What’s your equipment list going to look like?

Here’s a list of some of the “Must Haves”:
“Reach In ” style fridges and freezers or “Walk-In” ones which do need considerable room

It all depends on your inventory and space so do your sums first Underbar Sinks. Every bar needs at least one. Ideal for rush times when glasses need to be washed, rewashed and used again.

Space will dictate how large and how many of these sinks you can have.
Bottle coolers, Bar coolers, Ice machines. A must. They need to be strategically placed for absolute convenience near the mixed drinks area. Speed Rails. and Glass Washers

Before you jump in, talk to others who’ve had the experience.
It’s the planning ahead before making any final purchases that will pay off!


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