5 Ways to Save Costs & still Create Impact in an Office Fitout

Office re-location or refurbishment is not without its costs, but there are ways of limiting those expenses by using some clever and creative ideas to reach maximum impact.

Here’s some “Statement Making” Ways to Go:

Using Glass Partitions:

Glass will transform a workspace into a more spacious, open plan environment.

It lets in light, can divide up sections to create various work zones into public and private, and promote a feeling of openness in the space.

If the overall square meterage is small, using glass in this way will create the perception of more space.

Using Shapes to Create a Decorative Effect on Glass, Walls or Floors:

Strong shapes, with inspiration often taken from the company’s branding, can really make a statement without breaking the bank.

Use them on glass with coloured or opaque film or as privacy panels, with paint on walls or ceilings for a decorative effect or with tiles, polished concrete, vinyl or modular carpet on floors.

There are endless possibilities for using shapes and patterns.

Using Colour:

Different colors produce different psychological, emotional, and physical effects.

Accent colours will enliven or calm the atmosphere and can create an illusion of more space.

Vibrant accent colours like red or orange are stimulating and intense but should be used sparingly so as not to wear on workers after a period of time.

Colours like many greens and blues have longevity and are great stress management tools.

Black is a colour of power and can be very effective if used as an accent.

Choose small areas of wall or features like a single column on which to use them.

The office employee at wall with stickers

Using the Ceiling to Create Impact:

No need necessarily, to trash the suspended ceiling you’ve inherited.

There’s ways of making it work to an advantage.

Firstly, be prepared to replace any broken, warped or badly marked tiles.

Then work on the creative process.

Take a section of tiles and cover them with a printed image in a grid-like arrangement or simply paint them in a colour or several colours to form a pattern or a “track” across the space.

The overall effect can be quite stunning and all you’ve done is work with what’s already there!

Remember, these is impact-driven technique so don’t use it all over the ceiling.

Using Efficient Desking:

Move into the “agile workplace” way of thinking.

Most offices now rely on collaborative working, so large individual workstations are no longer the norm.

Don’t sweat over trying to squeeze in blocks of back-to-back stations everywhere.

Consider using larger shared table-style surfaces, sit/stand desks and multi purpose “meeting / private work nodes”.

They’re definitely the way to go and will save huge costs on under-utilised individual desks and screens.

Following all or some of these tips can definitely help in cost efficiency and creating a statement.
Both essential tools to keep a business running well!


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