How can you use Product Displays and Instore Experience to attract more customers?

When product display in a retail store inspires customers, then it’s doing a great job.

If retailers can create an experience for customers to explore the store further and then share that experience with others, then they’re on the right track.

Here are 5 great tips to follow:

1. Know your Brand Identity:

Firstly, you’ll need to have established a genuine and authentic identity or personality in your brand.

Think of it as the foundation of almost everything you do in relation to your business.

So you’ll need to establish how you want consumers to perceive this brand and what they will associate it with.

Once you know that, allow your brand’s personality to shine through in the product displays and instore experiences.

2. Show an Understanding of your Customers:

Create product displays that say that you’re understanding your customers’ needs.

For instance, are they thinking of buying fresh? Or buying local products? Or aspiring to high end products?

Tune in to what your customers want and make sure you show them you know them.

3. Create Displays with Social Media in Mind:

It’s a no-brainer these days to include Instagram as an essential part of your marketing strategy and in-store experience.

So, that makes it important to create displays throughout the store which are going to look stunning on Instagram.

These product displays should be so exciting and inspirational that customers will want to post them to share.

Wherever you’ve created one of these displays, make sure there’s a visual sign of your brand. Be subtle enough, however, that you don’t impose brand overload and turn them off.

Mature husband and wife choosing together fresh dairy products by display

4. Be Artistic but apply the “Less Is More” rule:

Be creative in displaying your product, and approach it as you would a piece of art.

Take it out of context, for instance, but use the “less is more” rule by not displaying loads of product everywhere.

Merchandise, whether it’s food or goods, needs to have space around it to make itself heard.

Customers feel overloaded with too much clutter, so avoid it to ensure displays give plenty of impacts.

5. Include some Associated Products in Displays:

Cleverly displayed merchandise can inspire customers to take home not only the principal product but also associated products.

The premium merchandise should take the stage in a display and the associated products should be in a supporting role.

So, be artful about including these smaller products in the main display to get customers thinking beyond the square.

Still remember though, less is more!

Work on creating product displays to inspire and excite the customer.

Take care to make their experience as they enter your store, such a positive one that they’ll want to share it with others.

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