Try out these Five Tips to Separate Spaces in your fitout

Ever thought about using screens rather than solid walls to separate spaces in a commercial fitout?

They’re a very clever tool and can be used to great effect.

Try them to achieve varying levels of light, air flow, texture and decoration.

Here’s some types of screens we like:

Laser Cut Patterned Screens:

So many types of materials like aluminium, mdf (medium density fibreboard), compact laminate, steel, timber, acrylic are great for laser cutting.

Designs are endless and can be anything from the standard manufacturer’s design to your own customised concept.

It’s a great way of introducing a company symbol or logo to speak your brand.

Depending on where you want to locate the screen, make sure the choice is of a suitable material.

The difference could vary from lightweight aluminium or acrylic to a heavier, more robust steel or timber.

Thickness might matter. Since most screens will be double-sided, consider whether you want to see a thick or thin material.

Fixing requirements will vary but will need to be strong and secure.

The screen manufacturer and fitout builder will be a good source of advice on fixing.

Powder Coating is a great way to go to add a punch of colour to aluminium, mdf or steel screens. There’s a wide choice of powder coats.

Special finishes like a weathered, rusted finish or a light, bleached beachy effect can be achieved too. The list of choices here is also wide.

The perfect type of fitout for Laser Cut Screens is anything from retail, café, restaurant, bar, dental and medical, to office and education.

Perforated Metal Screens:

Almost any image can be recreated in perforated metal.

It’s a “punch hole” effect which is used to create a stunning image on a sheet of metal.

Many perforated metal screens are used on the exterior, though they can definitely be used as an interior item.

The perforations let in light and air, but are not as open as a laser cut pattern might be.

In many cases, depending on the image, they create a fantastic 3D effect.

You might sometimes see these types of screens on a building façade or even a staircase, but they can definitely come to life in an interior fitout with an industrial/urban theme because the metal carries a robust, edgy effect.

They’ve also used so effectively in more public space interior fitouts like education, galleries, museums and transport facilities.

folding screen on white backround

Coiled Wire “Curtaining”:

Think curtains made of wire links or coils? That’s it!

They’re strips of steel woven into several designs like a fabric which is made to hang.

Coiled Wire can hang on a track just like a curtain or can be mounted inside a frame to create a stunning, almost shimmering effect to separate spaces in an interior fitout.

Air and Light come through but there’s still an element of privacy maintained a visual boundary.

It’s not an inexpensive option but if budget is tight, use it sparingly as a “Hero” piece.

Top Tip: Use Lighting over the curtain or screen to show it at its best.


A rope is an economical space divider and can be customised in any suspended design to create major impact.

Thick, bulky, bold rope hanging from the ceiling or a frame or finer rope woven in a web-like arrangement all types work as a “natural” way to separate spaces.

Cafe/restaurant/bar fitouts or more casual offices are perfect venues for rope screening.

Top Tip here is also to use lighting to get the maximum effect.

Rainfall String Curtains:

There’s true glamour in our fifth choice of favourite screens.

Think soft strings falling like rain from a curtain track. Or metallic chains and sequins.

They’re the perfect answer to separate spaces in fashion retail or top- end restaurant/bar fitouts.

It’s the classy, uncluttered effect they create which offers so much appeal.

Sophisticated and fun, they’re made from polyester so are durable and washable

Purchase them by the metre.

Endless possibilities to glam up a fitout!

They’re particularly effective when used in a circle to cordon off private dining/seating areas in a restaurant or to create a more exclusive space within a store.

Screening can be simple, unique to your business and so impact laden.
Be sure to consider it before jumping into using fixed framed walls everywhere if you can!


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