Having no customers means no business, that’s a simple fact.

Sometimes it’s because the customers themselves don’t even know of the existence of a business, its products or services.

Finding ways to attract customers’ attention is a challenge.

Here’s 6 simple and effective ways:

1. Stimulate their Curiosity:

Let’s face it, most people are curious – they want to find out more.

Use this trait to an advantage in your business by showing customers what you can do for them in the way of product and/or services.

When you summon up their curiosity you create an intense pull that’s irresistible.

Shopfronts in the bricks and mortar environment are great platforms for this.

Enticing merchandise displays can raise customers’ curiosity and tempt them inside – a very important step to take.

2. Show them what’s unique about your business:

Focus on setting yourself apart from any competitors in the way you look and operate.

Ask yourself how your business can help achieve the goals of your prospective customers.

Your goal should be to give them exactly what they want.

Ask how your business can do this in a way that other businesses don’t or can’t.

3. Show them the Benefits:

Your customers need to know that they will benefit from your merchandise and/or service.

If they believe there is something in it for them, they will be less likely to ignore what you have to offer.

4. Appeal to their interests:

Show customers you’re willing to take time to listen to their needs.

Find out what they’re interested in by asking causal, friendly, non-invasive questions about their likes and dislikes, their needs and general lifestyle questions.

This can humanise your business and promote it as being a helpful and empathetic.

Developing an open line of communication shows customers that your business is responsive and that it exists to satisfy customer needs.

So give them an opportunity to contribute to a conversation – you can build loyalty to your business this way.

Happy Customers On Grocery Shopping, African Spouses Walking In Supermarket

5. Curb Your Enthusiasm? Definitely Not:

Let it show!

Enthusiasm for what you do and for your product is powerful.

Be animated, and add enthusiasm into your approach – your energy and confidence will easily rub off onto customers and will lift them up.

Your own enthusiasm attracts others to you….it makes people want to go along with you. It inspires commitment and confidence.

Work hard at breaking through customers’ sensory and mental filters.

This can mean they’ll listen to you and take your product or service into their consciousness and confidence.

Communication lines are really opened if you can achieve this heightened “break through” mode.

6. Be visually original:

Let customers know about your product and services by showing what you’re like.

Your business plan with its creative pitch should have room for very visual cues like having an arresting looking shopfront, an eye-catching window display, innovative signage, sharply designed uniforms, a well designed, distinctive website.

These very visual elements all add to the uniqueness of your business and are beacons to attract attention.

Be focused on using these ways to attract customers.

It’s a challenging and competitive environment, so keep ahead in the game.


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