5 unique Tips to hang Art in your Commercial Fitout

Let’s get the hang of the best ways of displaying it:

1. Keep the frames consistent:

Keep the frames in coordinating sizes and finishes.

Using the same size and coloured frame over an entire wall is so effective.

The subjects within the frames then speak for themselves.

2. Work in Groups:

Grouping with purpose is the key.

Lay the frames out on the floor and stand over the arrangement maybe even use a step ladder to survey the layout.

Measure distances accurately.

Alternatively, experiment directly on your wall by sticking paper cut out sizes of the actual pieces to scale to arrange the grouping before it’s hung.

You can successfully mix large and small pieces if you work with the grouping method.

3. Go single piece and large:

Choose a large format on a large wall if you’re no grouping.

A common trap is choosing a piece that is too small for a wall.

Big is beautiful when it comes down to it.

Make a statement with an oversized piece or reframe a smaller piece with a much larger mat and wider frame.

Art Gallery Manager Hanging Paintings

4. Location, Location:

To follow a general rule, hang artwork so that the centre of the artwork is at 150cm from the floor close to the average eye level.

In addition, allow a minimum of 1.5 metres space in front of a piece of artwork where a viewer can step up to examine the detail, and then step back to see the work from some distance, especially for larger pieces.

5. Get the Light right:

Lighting art to create drama is important.

Contrast is the key between the art and other things around it, so concentrate light on the artwork and off the surrounding area.

Control glare by deciding on the optimal viewing distance for a piece of art, and then locate the light so that it is at an angle where the direct reflection will be directed outside the optimal viewing area.

No more being stuck for ideas if you follow these 5 simple options.


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