5 Designer Ideas for Using Greens in Commercial Fitouts

There are so many greens to choose from when you’re looking to create a new scheme for a commercial fitout.

Warm, cool, light, dark, enviro, circus, pea, olive and everything in between.

They speak of nature, of freshness and positivity which makes them a great choice in so many fitout schemes.

So, take a look at some designers’ ideas about using greens:

Pea Green and Market Greens are yellowish greens and are best used in fairly light filled situations. They look great when used with rich, deep vibrant blues but can be toned down with earthy browns and greys They are positive and fresh and are great in school spaces as well as food, fitness and fashion stores.

Mint Green is soft, calming and cool. Very on trend right now. And it’s a very happy colour. It speaks of vintage, even to the extent of having a 1950’s feel to it. Mint greens will look great in a retro café or fashion fitouts.

Apple Green is energetically fresh. It speaks of spring and new things on the horizon. It’s great to blend several strengths from the same “family” and contrast them with a crisp white or a heavy grey for impact. Apple greens look great in food outlets, health and fitness environments and office break-out areas.
Education venues too.

Woman holding green plants

Mossy Greens are serious and moody. They can be very effective feature colours in restaurants, meeting rooms, offices, and various types of retail environments.

They’re great to use in old buildings with exposed steel, concrete or brick to create a certain mood.

Use mossy greens as features and compliment them with textures of timber, leather, brick or stone.

Olive Greens are similar in that they are earthy but are more yellow. Olive is serious and is the traditional colour of peace.

It’s warm and restful. You’ll often find this colour in health and aged care environments but aside from these predictable uses, spice it up by using plum, fuschia, aqua or teal as a punchy finish in retail outlets of all kinds, bars, offices and restaurants.

Don’t always think that these greens have to be in paint form on walls. They can appear in flooring, fabrics, displays and furniture to add impact and  interest.

Be bold and take the plunge with them!


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