5 benefits of a New Medical and Dental Fitout

Medical & Dental Practitioners often put renovating their surgeries and consulting rooms in the too hard basket because it seems annoyingly disruptive or just plain hard!

It actually needn’t be if the fitout process is well handled by a quality fitout team.

The benefits of updating outdated medical or dental rooms far outweigh a few weeks of disruption. Generally, the practice can still operate during a renovation.

A good fitout specialist knows how this can be done.

A patient response will immediately tell you that it’s been a good move.

Here are 5 benefits that a new medical or dental fitout can give:

1. A chance to upgrade to new equipment which may help a medical or dental practice run more efficiently and keep diagnostics, procedures and reporting more up to date. Often a change to new equipment demands that new spaces be made, or old ones altered. Instead of an ad hoc approach, the opportunity to properly re-fit surgery space can be a wise thing.

2. A chance to upgrade acoustics between important rooms. Many practices grow quickly and without too much planning. Often walls and doors are not fitted with any acoustic benefits and privacy in the fitout under-delivers.  A renovation or refurbishment can allow for these issues to easily be resolved.  There are several simple and cost-efficient ways to add acoustics.

Operating room with surgical equipment, hospital, Beijing, China

3. A chance to update your facilities to fully cater for patients in wheelchairs, on walkers, for those who are blind and so on. Disability Access in a commercial fitout is of major importance with regulations being spelt out in the Building Code of Australia. Many existing practices are still not up to scratch with compliances which may put them at risk.4. A chance to keep your patients relaxed and show them you’re up to date. Increase their relaxation and confidence with a fresh reception / waiting area and consult/treatment rooms. A new fitout can sweep a new breeze through the practice. Choice of colour, finishes, and location of key points like check-in and check-out can be designed to promote calmness and confidence.  A modern space speaks to your patient group that you are up to date in approach.

5. A chance to upgrade your practice branding, signage or wayfinding.  A new street sign, business cards, directional signage within the interior, new logo colours are all part of the renovation update. Embrace change by shouting to the wider community that your space has changed.  The new fitout can mean that a whole new demographic comes your way! At the end of what is usually a brief refurbishment time, your medical or dental practice will be off to a fresh start.

Staff will feel invigorated by the upgrade and patients will appreciate that you are catering for them – a win for everyone.


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