6 Tips to keep Shoppers interested in Physical Retail Stores

In the current digital shopping environment, retailers have to focus on keeping shoppers interested and coming back to their physical store.

The need to connect and relate to shoppers and give them what they really want is crucial.

So, getting some basics in place is the first step.

1. Design the store well for anticlockwise travel:

Generally, a fitout design will direct customers towards the right as they enter a retail store. Research has shown this to be the most natural and successful path of travel. So it makes sense to place visually arresting signs and POS displays on the right-hand side of a store.

2. Offer plenty of spare space in the store fitout:

Customers need to be able to move freely, ponder, check their devices, chat to each other and most of all, see the products displayed at their best. A busy, overcrowded environment will give off a poor impression – often that the products are of lesser quality. It’s so important that there’s space in the store fitout to allow customers to have a positive experience doing all these things. Experienced retail fitters in gold coast can help you plan the layout of your store.

3. Place staple items to the rear:

When it comes to the key items that your shoppers always buy in the store, place them to the rear so that they need to walk past other products to get to those things. The more products the shopper sees along the way, the more they are stimulated to stop, look and possibly buy.

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4. Be great at Customer Service by using Technology efficiently and well:

It’s time to digitally connect and relate to your customers if you haven’t already done so. Time to combine the in-store experience with online strategies. It’s a must. It can be expensive up front, but automating tasks like stocktaking can help free up staff to attend more effectively to customers. Some stores are starting to eliminate cash entirely to stop the time taken on simple day to day handling and accounting and become more efficient. Use apps, make in-store tablets available to customers for checking on products and pricing, use online trackers to help understand what your customers want. That’s in addition to the usual social media connections you need to make.

5. Introduce New Products:

Introduce a new product regularly. It will always draw attention and when done with regularity and good marketing, can be used to position your store as being different. Customers love “new”. Each time put the new product out there with a flourish but be sure to merchandise it well.

6. Keep Pricing in check:

Keep your eyes open and match your competitors on price. Don’t let your shoppers believe you are more expensive. Some retailers like to send in their secret shopper to check on competitors’ prices and specials to keep up to speed.

Be aware that today’s shopper will enter the store, and before doing much else, will use their phone to check what competitors are charging. Competitive pricing is all-important.

Customers will vote with their feet. They’re a voice that should not be ignored.

Connect and relate.


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