5 Floors You Can Take With You to Your Next Fitout

When there’s a change in circumstances and the need to re-locate your business comes about, being able to take most of the fitout with you can save serious dollars.

Even if you do have to leave behind the kitchen sink, you can at least pack up the flooring to take with you providing it’s the right type.

Here are 5 types of flooring which work well:

1. Laminate flooring:

Laminate is commonly known as a material for cupboards and benches, but it’s highly popular on the flooring scene.

New technologies make laminate floors look like real timber, right down to the colour of the planks, texture, and grain.

There are benefits that outweigh real timber like fade resistance, scratch and impact resistance, and easy installation.

There are brands with a simple “click in” system which allow panels to slot into each other quickly and easily.

They’re a breeze both to install and un-install.

2. Bamboo flooring:

A natural, renewable material that creates less noise generally than laminate flooring.

It’s very hard-wearing and needs very little maintenance to keep it looking good.

For those who don’t like huge variations in timber grain, bamboo is a good choice because its appearance is more even and consistent than timber.

It also comes in a “click in” plank system for easy installation and uplift.

3. Real Timber or Engineered Flooring:

Yes, it’s real timber on the face but not beneath.

The timber is combined with layers of timber fibres underneath as a substrate to provide the strength, thickness, and stability needed to make it a durable product.

Most types come polished ready for use.

They float. They don’t need to be nailed or glued down and can be installed on any flat surface, preferably with an underlay to reduce sound.

Quick installation. Quick uplift.

cropped shot of repairwoman installing laminate onto kitchen floor

4. Interlocking Vinyl Tiles:

A great floating solution which keeps easy installation time to a minimum, and of course, can reduce business losses due to construction downtime.

They interlock, are easy to remove, and don’t damage the sub floor.

Now that’s a bonus with “make good” conditions at the end of a lease.

Durable and suitable in high traffic conditions, they also offer good value for money.

5. Carpet tiles:

They’re everywhere and for good reason.

They’re easy to install and just as easy to remove, apart from their high durability and versatility in colour and design.

Fitout installers love them because they’re easy to handle in flat-packed boxes which can fit into lifts or be carried upstairs.

No more bulky, oversized broadloom carpet rolls to deal with.

The greatest thing about carpet tiles is their flexibility.

If repair or replacement is necessary, single tiles can be ripped up and new ones installed without having to re-carpet an entire area.

These floorings offer savings on time, money and productivity.

Remember them when you next need to upgrade or move your fitout.


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