5 Ways to Save on a Retail and Hospitality Fitout

A retail or hospitality fitout, if well designed and built, is really an extension of the business brand.

It should focus on the target customers, the product and the excellent service you are bringing to market.

Probably every business owner would like to use the best finishes in their fitout to achieve this, but that’s not always what the budget allows.

It’s about being clever with the design and build, and understanding where the money should be spent most wisely that really matters.

How can business owners keep costs in check yet still create a fitout that has the Big 3:

  • The most appropriate level of finishes
  • Plenty of brand appeal
  • A focus on the target market

Here are some ways to get clever with your retail fitout design:

  1. Get to know the cost vs visual impact of some finishes options:

    Do your homework and talk to fitout designers and builders about different types of materials and getting the best from them.

    For instance, what flooring to use? tiles, timber, polished concrete or vinyl?
    What are the cost differences?
    Which one wins on visual impact?
    Which won’t date too quickly and still last the distance looking good?

  2. Try to work with the “bones” of the space.

    You may have inherited one or more of these: a great shopfront entrance, maybe character-laden floors or interesting ceilings.

    Work with them and rejuvenate rather than pull out.
    How cleverly can you integrate them into the design?
    It can be a sure way of saving costs if you don’t have to replace some of these key areas.
    Get your fitout builder’s advice to weigh up the options.

  3. Select a few unique, customised elements which get noticed and draw maximum impact.

    Save costs by spending on a few custom pieces in the store which are standouts.

    Location is crucial. At least one of these should appear at or near the entry to draw customers in.

    Tip: Avoid customising things which may not be as noticeable.

    For example, avoid spending on items such as racking or shelving and put your dollars into one or two “hero” items which are drawcards and speak your brand.

    A large open space in a hospitality or business venue, conference centre hotel, public space.

  4. Make use of strong graphics.

    Great graphics can create a huge impact, and can so easily support your branding.

    So, think of them as a double bonus.

    So much can be introduced into the design with the right type of graphics: humour, style, motivation, inspiration to name a few.

    It pays to consult a graphic designer to help create something unique for walls, floors, glazing almost any surface, really.

  5. Get the right Lighting advice.

    It seems as though electricity costs are mounting every few months.
    The cost of power to businesses is very high and pretty onerous, so look for savings on which types of lighting are the most cost efficient.

    However, don’t compromise on the Effect the Lighting creates!

    In retail and hospitality, lighting plays an enormous role.

    Be careful that it doesn’t slide off the end of the budget.

    The right lighting can make merchandise look doubly appealing and food look irresistible, as well as create the right atmosphere and ambience.

So if you’re heading towards a customer-focused, brand aware fitout, be clever with your spend to get the best result possible.


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