5 Designers’ Tips for a Great Retail Fitout

Retail design is so important to not only attract customers but state your brand!

Take time to really think about how your retail space can be laid out to gain maximum impact and high usage from the space.

These days retail tenancies are expensive to rent, so using every millimeter to the max is your priority!

Here’s what our experts suggest to help you set up shop in a clever way.

There are 5 tips this week. We’ll have more to follow in our future blogs….

1. Shopfront design

Incorporate full height clear glass for display windows and to maximise views into your space.

Use this rule if you can: At least 60% of your shopfront should be glazing.

2. Graphics and Signage

Your primary brand signage should be simple, unique, memorable and easy to read.

Use graphics to extend the brand identity into your space and communicate your point of difference.

Different materials, textures and methods of printing should be used for graphics to enhance the overall design scheme.

Organic food signage on modern supermarket fresh produce fruits

3. Ceilings –

Try to include some dimensional or textural detail into the ceilings of your retail fitout.

In addition, integrate lighting into the design by using recessed troughs or bulkhead lighting.

Ceiling services including air conditioning diffusers, fire sprinklers, and access panels are musts to consider in the overall design.

Be careful to include them from the outset.

4. Walls –

Use walls to shape and divide your space.

Be clever with them so they can control views, be backdrops for your merchandise display, identify product or services zones and generally control how customers will interact with your retail space.

5. Floors –

Choose floor finishes that are durable and of high quality throughout the retail fitout.

Use the flooring to visually connect spaces eg: pathways and display areas.

Utilise a range of floor finishes and apply them creatively to define areas within the store and to enhance the overall scheme.


They’re simple guidelines, but valuable ones to follow.

It’s best to do the groundwork before you head into the building phase to save time and money later.

Your fitout experts will be able to guide you towards getting the most out of your shop design.

Just ask.


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