Top 7 Pharmacy Store Design Elements that Increase Profits

Pharmacy stores aren’t just about storing and selling medicines anymore; they’ve evolved into holistic healthcare centres. The design of your store can significantly impact customer perception, flow, and ultimately, your profits.

However, implementing many pharmacy design elements that increase profits doesn’t involve a complete overhaul of your store. With the strategy and shop fitter, you can make highly valuable changes to receive the best return on your investment.

Let’s take a look at the top 7 design elements to increase your pharmacy profits.

7 Design Elements That Increase Pharmacy Profits

Be strategic with your store layout.

The layout of your pharmacy can significantly impact customer flow and purchasing decisions. Your layout should maximise the visibility of your products and encourage exploration, especially while they wait for scripts and other services.

Placing high-demand products near the entrance or checkout area helps stimulate impulse purchases. People see these items and think, “Yes, I need that,” even if it’s not what they came in for.

Clear signage can also help guide customers to different sections of your store and create a seamless shopping experience. This helps ensure efficient traffic flow, reduces customer frustrations, increases the likelihood of sales and even means less time your staff spend directing customers to products.

A good shop fitter, like our team at AC Fitouts, can help you maximise your displays so you can easily switch out products for sales and seasonal items to increase sales opportunities.

Make the most of your entrance and window displays.

The entrance of your pharmacy store serves as the first impression for potential customers. So, creating an inviting entrance that showcases your brand identity and entices passersby to enter is key to increasing how many people interact with and buy from your pharmacy.

Consider incorporating vibrant colours, engaging visuals and compelling messages to attract attention. An attractive entrance and captivating window displays can drive foot traffic, pique curiosity and increase the chances of customers stepping inside and making purchases, especially if they see any special services you provide or sales.

Utilise effective lighting.

Lighting is a powerful tool in creating an inviting and functional pharmacy environment, and is also a design element to help increase profits for your pharmacy store.

Natural lighting is great to use where possible to create a calm and pleasant atmosphere. However, accent lights on featured products or specials within your pharmacy can help draw attention to them and influence a purchase decision.

Well-planned and balanced lighting not only enhances the overall aesthetics of a store, but also improves customer comfort and mood; even helping encourage them where to go and what to buy.

A good shop fitter, like our team at AC Fitters, can help you choose the right lighting for different areas of your store, even utilising energy-efficient and eco-friendly lighting.

Create interactive product displays.

Female passenger self-tagging her baggage before the flight

Interactive product displays are a great way to encourage customer engagement and product exploration. For example, you can set up touch-screen kiosks with information about common ailments and corresponding medication options. It’s a great way for people, particularly those with sensitive health concerns, to investigate potential options.

For non-medical products, you may even consider a sampling or testing station. These type of interactive elements create a memorable shopping experience and facilitate informed purchasing decisions. They’re a great design element to increase profits in a pharmacy store.

Integrate technology into your pharmacy.

Leveraging technology in your pharmacy store can enhance the shopping experience and drive profitability.

For example, self-service kiosks for prescription drop-offs or pick-ups are a great way for people to feel more in control of their experience, reduce wait times and improve customer satisfaction. Alternatively, you could have a mobile app that allows customers to refill prescriptions or access personalised health information.

Digital signage throughout your store also allows you to display product information, promotions and health tips, which can easily be switched out as you need. It may also be an opportunity for advertising placement for non-clinical products and brands, like any make-up brands you supply in-store.

Integrating technology into your pharmacy can help streamline processes, increase convenience and attract tech-savvy customers. Ultimately, this all drives sales and profitability for you and your pharmacy.

Add a private consultation or discussion area.

Adding a private consultation or discussion area to your pharmacy is a great way to cater to your customers’ privacy and offer a personalised experience. These designated spaces allow pharmacists or staff to have confidential conversations with customers regarding their health concerns or medication needs.

Consider creating a comfortable seating area of a dedicated consultation room with soundproofing. This not only provides privacy and a professional environment, it also allows you to increase the trust and customer satisfaction the public has with your store. In return, people are more likely to return to your store or recommend you for those with more personal matters they may not be comfortable discussing out in the open.

Offer unique experiences and value-adding services.

Differentiating your pharmacy store is essential to increasing your profits, and unique experience and value-adding services can be the key. It doesn’t have to be anything too out of the box, but even simple experiences can make all the difference.

Working with your shop fitter to add an area where you can host health screenings, demonstrations or mini-workshops is a great addition for a pharmacy. You can even collaborate with local healthcare professionals to provide specialised services or workshops, such as around nutrition, pregnancy or new parents, medication therapy and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I determine which design elements are most suitable for my specific pharmacy and customer base?

The design elements most suitable for your pharmacy and customer base comes down to what your customers will find the most valuable. This is when speaking with your customers or having your staff speak to your customers, or even running a survey, about what they’d like to see in a pharmacy or they believe is missing may help you.
Working with an experienced shop fitter, like our team at AC Fitouts, can help you find the right pharmacy shop design elements to boost profits based on their first-hand knowledge. Shop fitters can help you make the most of your store, and work within regulations and guidelines to make a custom shopfront to help you boost your profits.

How can I ensure that the design elements I add align with my pharmacy’s branding and image?

When finding the right design elements that align with your pharmacy’s branding and image, it’s important you have a clear business vision and values. This allows you to align design elements to your business to best suit what your customers would already expect from you.

For example, if your brand values one-on-one customer support and building close relationships, expanding to offer a private consulting room would align with your brand. However, if your brand values overall health, nutrition and wellness, partnering up with a local nutritionist to run some consultations or workshops may align best for you.

This is where a shop fitter can help you find the design elements that best connect with your brand and overall vision for your business to boost profitability.

What impact will the addition of design elements have on the overall customer experience in my pharmacy store?

The right design elements should increase the positive experience customers have in your store. Whether it’s the ease of finding what they need, being able to spot sales more easily or even the extra services you add into your pharmacy other stores don’t provide, it’s all valuable to your customer, increasing their likelihood of shopping with you.


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